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Please help me choose some headphones

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I'm sorry for such a rubbish thread opener. I have been slogging round the reviews all day, and I'm more confused then when I started.

I have three requirements.

1.) Really Comfortable.

2.) Under £200 ( thats 320 dollars apparently)

3.) I am not willing to need an amp.

A description of what I want this for, and what I want to hear:-

I am a musician, I play various keyboard based instruments. I mainly use custom in ears (ACS T1) on shows, however these start hurting my ears a bit in situations where I have to regularly take them off. I want to be able to use headphones in rehearsals though so as to take the edge off how loud everything is (rather than increase it by using a large speaker).

In these situations I'll be driving them from my soundcard, a Motu 828mk2, but sometimes I would also like to watch movies and listen to music directly from the macbook. (Since I move around a lot, at home I am often too lazy to take out the soundcard from the rest of my equipment... I may just want to use the laptop and its keys to work on my sounds). I can understand if opposed the sound card I lose some stuff, it remains neutral. 

I do actually have a pair of HD200's ( a present a while ago ), but they get uncomfortable very quickly.

In terms of the kind of sound I want...

I'll sometimes run the rest of the band in to my sound card and mix it into my headphones. Whether I'm playing piano, or whether I'm playing dubstep, I do need them to be able to handle low bass. I don't particularly need a bass boost (I hated the dre headphones smily_headphones1.gif ) , and in terms of loud speakers, I don't like disproportionate amount of subs... just enough, without a noticeable gap in pitch...so I'd like as wide a frequency range as viable at that price point to be present.

I've attempted to short list, but please feel free to suggest others:-

For all of these I've found plenty of reasons offered not to choose them ... as I have with all the others I've looked at :S



QSC701 < I thought I should discount this , but its there anyway

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HD598 wont isolate any sound as its open backed.


i would suggest the SoundMAGIC HP100, in stock at advancedmp3players.co.uk

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You're going to need closed back headphones, not open air. You've selected some open air headphones. They are open to the room, sound will travel in & out. It will be like just having two small speakers near your head. You need isolating headphones, so look at closed back headphones.




Beyer DT770

Brainwavz HM5

KRK KNS 8400

AKG K550


Audio Technica A900X

Ultrasone PRO 650


Very best,

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Thank you for the help, Randomkid , MalveauX

I think I'm leaning towards the Soundmagic HP100. Reasons being the case, the detachable coiled cable. I eliminated others based on lacking accessory lists, or design element I didn't like (non detachable cables, dual entry).

Since there aren't comparative reviews of EVERYTHING. ^_^

I'll leave it for a day or two before I act in case anyone comes and says, 'no, don't do that, do this!' 



Edit - I'm sorry I didn't discover the new members recommendation thread. Thank you for replying anyway without attack!

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No problem, good luck. the HP100 wont let you down

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