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For Sale: Philips Fidelio L1

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Philips Fidelio L1

Will Ship To: UK

L1 in mint condition bought a couple of months ago from John Lewis.

Price include shipping. Paypal gifted or feel free to cover the fee wink.gif

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Sorry about replying to the thread directly, I'm PM capped...


On to some questions,

Do you ship to Canada?


Do you still have the box/accessories?



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The pictures suggest the box and accessories are all there. UK only I am afraid, sorry.

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Damn. I was looking forward to having these babies...  PM me if you ever change your mind.

EDIT: When you mean only UK, do you mean only UK for that price, or can I give you the additional fees needed for int'l?

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I am not too sure how much it would be to send those to Canada but I know it won't be cheap. I can check on Monday morning but I doubt it would be worth it. 

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On vacation until the 9th so won't be able to reply before then....wink.gif

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Check PM.

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Sorry, UK only guys.

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Hmm, it says I've reached my PM limit of 2 per day. I guess I'm too new. If you want, PM your email and we can continue discussing?

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