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got a 200 dollar spending limit for my xmas present what should i get

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so i was thinking about ath-m50's is there a better deal for under 200 or should i go with them
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I would suggest the HD25 over the M50s for a clearer and more exciting sound! What's your music preference?

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no real music preference, ill listen to anything. im looking for something that will sound good for all genres
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a little more info, i already have the CAL!s and i like them but just looking for an upgrade
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I would also recommend the HD25's, I personally haven't listened but for their price range I would go with them.. But I prefer Sennheiser over most manufacturers :o

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Originally Posted by mjdh23 View Post

so i was thinking about ath-m50's is there a better deal for under 200 or should i go with them

Right now it looks like there are some good deals on the ATH-M50s on eBay.


Also check out the Takstar Pro 80 headphones, $88 on eBay.

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If you don't mind open headphones, get the HD558 better.
The HD25 are better suited for critical listening, studio, ...
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Audio Technica M50s are nice all-rounders but their V-shaped sound isn't for everyone: some find it harsh in the highs while others love the somewhat laid back upper mids, some find it bass-heavy while others don't like the bloated and uncontrolled base when unamped... And so on. rolleyes.gif
I had some comfort issues when I tested it... These cans have a pretty strong clamping force. redface.gif

I would consider the HD 558, too. If you can spend a little more and the weird color scheme doesn't bother you, take a look at the even better HD 598. wink.gif
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At around $200, assuming you're in the US and have Amazon, I would walk right past the M50. From the CAL you won't notice an "upgrade" - just a less comfortable and worse-imaging side-grade. redface.gif

I would suggest either the Grado SR-225i or the Ultrasone HFI-2400 (the HFI-2400 are around $185 right now, they can go as high as $300 (MSRP is $329 and not enforced) - use the Camel and figure out if you should buy them a month early or not). Much better imaging/staging, more natural tonality, more comfortable, etc and both are still easily driven and well built like the M50. I would take either of these over the Sennheiser, personally, but the Sennheiser aren't bad headphones (they're just really...really...boring). You should also consider the AKG K701 (or whatever this week's version is named), which can sometimes be had for around $230-$250, and are a very (VERY) good headphone, and would absolutely be an upgrade from the CAL! (or the M50, or whatever) - less bass though. I'd put the Ultrasone and Grado on the same level, just not as well-rounded (the Grado have better tonality but worse staging, the Ultrasone the inverse, basically).
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Ultrasone HFI-780 or HFI-2400 are very engaging headphones that are somewhat balanced as well, and fit your budget nicely.

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Do not waste coin on the M50, since you already have the CAL!. Side-grade. At $200 you can get headphones leagues above the toy M50.


Ultrasone HFI 2400 ($189 new, shipped) Look up reviews; excellent headphone, great build, detachable cord, great sound stage, it's a very warm bassy can and is not overly bright.

Sony MA900 ($192 new, shipped) Look up reviews; great headphone, huge sound stage, neutralish with some warmth.

AudioTechnica A900X ($207 warehouse deal, shipped) Look up reviews; amazing headphone, as close to a D5000 sound that I've ever found at $200 mark, very warm, excellent vocals.

AKG Q701 ($197 warehouse deal, shipped) Look up reviews; great headphone, big sound stage, very neutral with some added warmth.

Beyer DT990 PRO ($188 new, shipped) Look up reviews; good sound stage, bright, tons of bass, very comfortable and very durable.


Very best,

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Mal - for the $20, I'd get the A900 or Q701 brand new. I have also seen the A900 at BB for around $225 as well. redface.gif
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This was my price point as well-- ended up getting the DT-990 for $150 from Amazon warehouse, so I have $50 left for an amp of some sort if what I have on hand doesn't drive them adequately. 


One thing I realized listening to my ATH M-30 yesterday at work is how much ambient noise they're actually blocking out (mostly stuff coming in from the street during high traffic times).  So I'm hoping that the open design of the 990 doesn't cause issues-- if it does, they'll be going back and I'll be looking at the A900 and maybe upping my price range a bit to consider stuff like the k550, m-100, and the forthcoming Tiesto-branded cans from AKG.

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Nevermind -- didn't see you already bought something.

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at the $200 price point the UE6000s will give you the most complete package. Good sound, high end build quality and design, and a sweet carrying pouch for mobile use.

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