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custom ear impressions for shure se535 worth it?

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Just wandering if paying $260 for ear moldings from sensaphonics would be worth it for the where se535? How much better isolation and sound quality improvement can I expect to get? Also how far deep does it go in the ear? I don't like how much the flange tips go in your ear.
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You might as well get them reshelled via Inearz for $90, cheaper and then they are like full customs. That's what I'm going to do with my SE535
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Why not get a custom sleeve rather than a full reshell? That way the resell value would be considerably higher at the end. I'm about to do just that with my Westones

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That's what I meant, I want seomthing like this.



is it worth it?  Will it make a big difference than the olives?

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That's exactly what I've described, those are custom sleeves designed to fit on the nozzle instead of the regular tips.

Check other forum threads because usually people say that with a custom fit, the bass sounds different. Also bear in mind that they will be using soft silicone as the material instead of acrylic. the price is on par as what Westone is charging but I'm going with 1964 EARS ( not because westone is bad, but because they keep giving the me run around with shipping and with whom i have to deal with). 1964 EARS will do it for $100, made from hard acrylic (my bad they also use silicone)

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I thought it was $200 for an acrylic reshell.

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$200 for a full reshell, $100 for just the custom sleeve. Sorry if things got long winded in my previous post

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Sensaphonics sleeves for Shure SE Series cost $150. Obviously, I recommend it as an excellent option. Fits all models in the current SE line, and leaves the earphones intact. Plus, they are pretty awesome -- excellent seal/isolation, very comfortable, and quite low profile.


Not quite "full custom" but still a notable upgrade. Also very illustrative of the difference between universals and customs.

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Yes I am very curious about the difference in bass with the customs. That's the only thing holding me back. If there is less bass or the bass sounds "different" it seems counter productive to get customs.

Also anyone ever had any issues with one of there shures sounding louder in one ear than the other? I just got some 535's and the right seems louder. I've even reversed them and used different sources.
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i wouldnt do customs with the 535 if you get a good seal with them, i would however look into custom tips. this is a great option if fitment is already good with the 535.

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Personally, I don't think it's worth it to reshell them. So $450(se535)+$200(reshell)=$650! Why don't you just get a full custom then reshelling a universal iem?

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