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For Sale: Hifiman EF2a & tubes

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For Sale:
Hifiman EF2a & tubes

Will Ship To: US, Canada

This listing is for a mint Hifiman EF2a and a bunch of tubes--2 sets of Voshkods, the original Chinese tubes, and I've got a set of Mullards in here somewhere, too.  I am upgrading to an HE-500, and my poor little workhorse EF2a just isn't going to cut it.  So I'm selling.


If you need pictures, let me know--I keep it at work and I'm not allowed to bring a camera in to my building.


One item of note:

- I am currently deployed to Afghanistan.  That means it will be shipping from here via USPS priority.  In the past, it has taken 7-14 days for items to reach their destination.  Because of that, I don't charge shipping.

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Wanted: $150 (USD)
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