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So I have been really enjoying the Bitfrost/Lyr combo with My LCD-2s and the sound is great when sent to my parasound amp/studio monitors.


The Lyr arrived a few days before the Bitfrost and I was using an Apogee duet 2 as the dac feeding the Lyr the sound was good but when the Bitfrost arrived and I heard the difference I was floored. The music suddenly exuded that liquid beauty and the low end and sound stage all became much more vibrant and powerful. It truly made me appreciate the power of a dedicated Dac.


Well now I've been reading about the Gungnir and maybe it's just my insatiable gear lust but I'm wondering if I can get even more performance out of the the Gungnir Dac wise. Problem is I would have to return the Lyr and pick up the Asgard instead as my budget is tight.


I know the Lyr drives the LCD-2's really well but I have heard the Asgard does a respectable job as well. (also heard the sound is more linear which may suit me better)


Fidelity/Detail is very important to me as I use my rig for mixing and mastering music.


Thoughts Please!




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