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CARY Xciter Headphone Amp - Its a BEAUTY! 


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One of the MOST understated Headphone Amps
on the Market!!



5 watts per Channel, Single Ended Triode design, Pure Class A, Integrated Stereo Amplifier with 6L6 Power tubes and 12ax7 input tubes. 3 stereo input pairs. Standard with remote volume control. Metallic black chassis with clear coat finish. Silver or Black faceplate available. ZERO feedback design. Headphone output and Speaker binding posts. Subwoofer outputs for left and right channel.


You would think that a 5 watt channel amp would easily crumble under the strain of a pair of speakers, but during our review multiple speakers at different sensitivities were used. The amp never fluttered. An increase to 10 watts per channel is accomplished with the swap of the 6L6 tube to a KT88. We have Gold Lion and EAT KT88 tubes available as well as other options. The amp is self biasing and multiple power tube options are available. 6L6, EL34, 5881, 6550, KT88 and any other power tube with a matching pin arrangement.


The stereo vacuum tube power amplifier has a great history at Cary Audio Design. The superb lineage of CAD power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers have consistently garnered fantastic reviews for stable power output, incredible value for the money and sound quality along with ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Class A’ ratings from magazines and reviewers worldwide. Building on this storied legacy, we are releasing the CAD Xciter Integrated stereo vacuum tube power amplifier.


This innovative stereo power amplifier was conceived to be a small desktop integrated amp to be companion to the new CAD Xciter Digital to Analog Converter. In the Cary tradition, it features a gorgeous cabinet and has a subtle touch of translucent blue LED back lighting to complement the natural beauty of the vacuum tubes. Although it may be small in physical size it is imbued with the full spirit of Cary Audio.


Its 5 watts per channel in class A triode mode plays much bigger than you might expect and its sublime musicality is just what you would expect from Cary Audio. For headphone lovers, a standard ¼ inch diameter, 3 circuit output jack is conveniently located on the front panel to pipe the music to your favorite set of cans. The circuitry is optimized to provide a good match for all high quality headphones. A front panel switch allows the user to select between the speakers or headphones.


Additional features are the subwoofer outputs - one for each channel, and the motorized remote control function for adjusting listening level and mute. You will absolutely enjoy listening to this lovely amplifier – it truly is an Xciter! The input circuit is a single-ended design with three (3) switched RCA stereo inputs per channel. The vacuum tubes in each channel consist of one (1) 12AX7A (dual triode) for the input gain and for the driver stage and two (2) 6L6GC output power tubes.


The filaments of the 12AX7A stages are direct heated with filtered and regulated 12 VDC for lower noise performance. The first section of 12AX7A provides the low level preamp gain stage and the second section provides the phase inverter and differential driver stage. Both sections of the 12AX7A are operating in Class A with minimal feedback. The 6L6GC output tubes are configured as triodes and operated in a class A push-pull configuration and are continuously auto biased through cathode auto biasing circuitry.


The laminate output transformers are customized to match the output circuit requirements and have a signal handling capacity well beyond the amplifiers demands to avoid any problems with linearity and saturation. Five-way Gold plated speaker binding posts provide reliable connection to your speakers. Frequency response at full rated output power is from 17 Hz to 23 kHz with less than 2% total harmonic distortion. The circuitry for the entire amp is designed into a high-grade two-layer printed circuit board with extensive ground planes and heavy copper circuit traces on the power bus circuitry. Shielded coaxial cable is used for critical signal path component interfaces.


This design approach imparts an extremely clean layout and a very high performance level. A toroidal power transformer provides the foundation for a compact, yet high efficiency power supply. The power supply features seven (7) 100 micro farad low impedance low profile electrolytic capacitors which yields an abundant total of 700 micro farads of energy storage and provides an excellent dynamic performance capability.


The high voltage power bus is further enhanced with a power choke in a pi-L configuration for additional filtering to the preamp stage and with two (2) high speed .22 microfarad Kimber Kap polystyrene by-pass capacitors to further enhance the superb transient response characteristics under demanding musical passages. The CAD Xciter integrated Stereo Amplifier is the perfect match for the CAD Xciter Digital Analog Converter. Together, the companion Xciter tandem will beautify your office or listening room and deliver a no compromise musical listening experience in a small package.



Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E. Moon Audio 308 Chrismill Lane Holly Springs, NC 27540 919-649-5018 Moon...