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Damaged HD600's... time to switch, or fix?

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Hey guys!
This is my first post here, so take it easy on me please ;-)

Alright, so I inherited the Sennheiser HD600's from my dad. They're really nice... but I don't have much to compare them to, as I'm quite literally a "noob" when it comes to audio stuff.
I bought myself a "La Figaro" 336 Classic tube headphone amp to go along with it, and the setup is connected to my computer. I mainly play games and watch movies, but also listen to some music now and then (electronic mainly).

Now, the right side of the Sennheiser is somehow damaged. From one day to another the sound was really quiet on that side and really scratchy. They're eight years old now, respectively.

What my dilemma is: Should I get them repaired (I have no clue how much that would cost), or should I rather buy something new and more appropriate to my needs? My dad listened to classical music, so I'm guessing the headphones are more oriented in that direction.
I really like the sound of them, but depending on how much the repairs would be, I could imagine getting something new... and perhaps with closed shells.

What do you guys think? smily_headphones1.gif
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It's likely the cable is to blame - the stock HD600 cable is quite thin and breaks reasonably easily.


First, try re-seating all the connectors first (connectors to both ears plus connection to your amp/device), give them a good blow out.


Following that, while listening to the cans, take your finger and thumb, and slightly bend the cable near the end plug. Work your way up the cable, bending it *slightly* at each point. See if there are any points where the sound reappears in the broken channel.


If it makes a difference, it's almost certainly the cable. If not, it could still be the cable (do you have a retailer anywhere nearby that might have a pair of HD600s or HD650s on hand to cable swap?), or it could be a faulty driver in the one side.


If it's the driver, a single side driver replacement would probably run you under $200. The part can be bought for ~$60 or so (for the HD650 at least).

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Thanks for your reply! smily_headphones1.gif

I checked the cable, but it seems to be ok...
Then I opened the screen on the rear side and saw that the driver had moved a bit from its brackets, so I simply pushed it back in... and it worked! biggrin.gif

So nothing was broken, just a bit misplaced smily_headphones1.gif

Is it advisable to somehow glue it into place?

And how about dampening? Can I lay something into the screen?

Thanks again for your help! You saved me a lot of time, money, and nerves biggrin.gif
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German engineering!

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