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I'm looking for a headphone in the ~100 dollar range, and these have caught my eye. I havn't found a thread on this specific model, and almost no reviews, but the few reviews i have found seem very positive. any thoughts or experiences? They seem to run you around 90-100 dollars. 



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Although I haven't heard the K514 variants (K511, K512 etc), lower end AKG's don't get much attention around here, simply because I think there are better price-performance cans out there.


I have the K77 with me now. It seems they replaced cups with an on-ear design and changed the pads/headband into a velour material. The K44-K77-K99 variants have very flimsy, cheap feeling materials so it's a welcome change.


Can't comment on sound quality though, since I'm sure they use different drivers.

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I have the 512 mkii and they have become my portable phone of choice. The 514 is more open and spacious. The sound is very bright so have some eq options. The cord is long. It's a unique sound sig. Great soundstage. I love it and they are versatile and comfy. I can see some not liking them because they are bright. I would recommend them.
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I have K514 mkii version. They are very comfy and design is good too, but the sound is lacking.

It's spacious and clear, but there is no "pressure" to the sound. You don't really feel the soul of the music.

I'd recommend it for movies and gaming, but not for music. I think k514's almost total lack of bass gets to me.

Even if you compare them to something like AD700, they will fall short on almost every aspect.

I'd rather "compare" them to laptop speakers instead: you hear everything but it's not really musical, so to speak.

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I have them as well. They are very comfy. I agree the sound is lacking, they do have good detail and clarity and the midrange is good, but that's the only things they do very well for their price. The bass is there but very lean. They are also sibilant and bright, so they are too harsh in some songs with vocals. Despite all of their flaws there is something I kind of like about their sound and are one of my favorite sub $100 headphones. I think the AKG K240 Studio is better in the price range from AKG, a darker and bassier sound and doesn't have shrill highs, not as comfortable as the K514 though.

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