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For Sale: Promitheus Audio Reference 1 TVC

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For Sale:
Promitheus Audio Reference 1 TVC

Will Ship To: USA

Promitheus Audio Reference 1 TVC - Price: $375 shipped


Typically volume controls throw away excess energy as the volume is decreased while a Transformer Volume Control (TVC) instead uses a transformer to convert the drop in voltage to increased current.  As such this preamp uniquely sounds sounds better as the volume decreases.  This makes a TVC the perfect preamp for those who like to listen at more reasonable levels, or for those with high gain amps.  As for a sonic signature, this doesn't have one, its a perfect pre amp with no alterations to the sound whatsoever.


This passive pre was made by a company called Promitheus Audio out of Malaysia.  This particular unit is an upgraded Reference version of their TVC which includes improved transformers, pure silver RCAs, pure silver wiring, and a stainless steel base.  The Ref 1 features 1 input and 1 output for the cleanest signal path. 


My particular unit has additional improvements, including a ebony knob, copper top plate, vibropod feet and blackhole pad damping material on the transformers and base plate.


If you have never heard of this brand it was the least expensive Sterophile Class B rated preamp a few years back (link) and was reviewed very favorably in Affordable Audio.


I am the original owner and this has been used very lightly in a PC rig for ~6yrs.  There is a light scuff on the volume knob and the top plate has some wear.  See pics on Flickr for details.


Accepting Paypal Gift, Paypal, or USPS money order.  This will be shipped in the original box.  I have feedback on here and on Audiogon.  For sale in the US only.

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Did you sell the TVC preamp? 



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