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Originally Posted by Mimouille View Post

Shizgeo, any idea how to order the Kaede...they are 950 usd on musica acoustica, 200 over normal price...

Hello Mimouille


Other users have asked me what to do as well. From what I understand, you won't get much cheaper than that. Ocharaku don't distribute as they are a SMALL (one man) company. KAEDE really is limited (200 units in the world). Musica likely pay almost full price for one from Ocharaku and sell it as a prestige item. I asked Mr. Yamagishi about it and he wasn't keen on distributing KAEDE as it is too hard to make and not worth it to distributors. I don't use paypal enough to help out, and even if I did, paypal fees would likely be in excess of 70$. Shipping would be added as well, say to the tune of 30$. Musica include shipping in the price. I imagine that they are making 50$ or so on the product. I could be wrong. But if you order from a Headfier you'll have to go through similar problems. I know of no other shops that even attempt to export KAEDE. It's a shame that it is hard to get hands on, but nice at the same time. 

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Thank yoy very much...I am always scared to have to pay huge Chinese cutoms on top...
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You may have to pay them. The only way I could think of is if you know someone here who will go back to China. I think you won't pay much less than that after all is said and done. I wish you could get one, but it isn't easy. 

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So much I need in Japan I think the flight to Tokyo might be worth it...
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I just ordered the Kaede! Dimitri says he will ship on monday. Will get it next week!

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Who is Dimitri ?
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Hes the manager of musica acoustics.

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And I've ordered the CKM55 from Mr. Yamagishi! Woohoo! Can't afford KAEDE now, but the long nozzle CKM55 will get a definite review. SUI coming next next week.

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What is the difference between the normal and modded CKM55?

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Whilst the write up of this is interesting, I'm not sure I'm going to like the fitting issues :(

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I'm liking the kaede so much... It doesn't sound euphoric / eargasmic, but, for me, its ability to create this "emotional ambiance" when listening to my music that makes it a very special earphone. No other iems has this effect on me. Not tg334, not even 1plus2.. Really a priceless listening experience in my audiophile's life journey. Now I'm wondering if getting a PF X-G would be neccessary or not frown.gif
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the tubing looks interesting.

i believe it is quite a different technical aspect from others.
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Originally Posted by shsh View Post

What is the difference between the normal and modded CKM55?

Modded ckm55 has a very fit bass. Not throaty but low punching with better mid range focus. I spent only five minutes with it but I can say it was worth it. There are eight tube lengths I think. I'm getting long.
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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

You also have the choice to get the upcoming Pandora trio as mentioned here


I did place an order for PF X-G but e-earphone.jp just cancelled that without stating any reasons whatsoever. It costs much more to get that here in Hong Kong even though the exchange rates are getting nicer and nicer.

Maybe I will just enjoy my IEMs and just save up for their flagship model of Pandora series instead.

200 sets of KAEDE could be running out anytime, though. Those of us who would like to have that might have to act soon.

Isn't pandora a full cans headphone though?
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