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I've done a few comparisons here and there.


I'm definitely interested in the forthcoming review, especially as I don't seem to be hearing these the same way. I own both the SUI and KAEDE, and to my ears the difference between the two is extremely subtle. I certainly wouldn't say the KAEDE I own is significantly brighter than the SUI. I hear less glare in the highs on the KAEDE, and in fact the KAEDE may actually have even more impact down below than the SUI (which the SUI didn't really need in my humble opinion). I still feel both Flat4s are among the most impressive ear-monitors I've ever heard when it comes to sheer detail extraction and rendering micro-dynamics. Both have a very heady presentation to my ears, with a tremendous sense of inner depth. There's also a distinct lack of nasty resonances which makes them very listenable despite the somewhat bright tilt (especially on the SUI). Where this IEM really intrigues me is in its ability to be both highly resolving and analytical, yet effortless and non-fatiguing. It has a somewhat unbalanced presentation, yet it still possesses refinement and isn't offensive.


It's like... one of the most "fun" detail monsters I've ever heard. I could just gush about it line after line.


Personally though, I don't think the KAEDE is worth double the price of the SUI (at least how I'm hearing them) unless you're a collector or die-hard fan. The woodwork and presentation on the KAEDE is just stunning.

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By the way, my review is up

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Nice review. I'm also interested in the FAD. Which earphones did you compare it to. I'm looking at Fi ba ss / PF IX / Kaede. I listen more to vocals / pop / orchestra.
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I compared it to the 1601 and 1602.

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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post

By the way, my review is up

Thanks to you I'm officially drooling for that SEXY PIECE OF WOODEN FRANKENSTEIN BOLT AAAAHHHHHHHHHH


So I guess I gotta head over to e-earphone or Fujiya-Avic to demo one? :/

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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post

I compared it to the 1601 and 1602.

Oh. How does kaede compare to the 1602? I heard that 1602 is mid centric. Sadly, jaben does not carry the kaede here in Singapore.
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Japanese, pretty, great sound ? Oh crap, now I want it...
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great review. you are a very good writer.

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Do we have any owners of KAEDE who could audition them with Altmann Tera-Player and find out if that were a good match?


Another fellow member tried FI-BA-SS with Tera-Player but that did no really click at all




Lastly I repeated the same procedure with the FI-BA-SS, which are 16 ohms like the IE800, but have significantly less bass boost. Result: the FI-BA-SS sounded worse with the TP than with any other DAP, bleak and virtually sucked out in the low end.

Of course all of these are just subjective impressions and hopefully someone will do objective measurements of the Tera Player to confirm or dismiss them.


Given that TP should have been a winner so far, pairing that with this top-notch IEM could be fairly interesting if the synergy were spectacular.

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I wish I had TP near me to test. I don't and I doubt it will enter the radar of my employers because it is so specialised a product. Anyway, the portable audio world is very interesting. 


KAEDE... I really want it back. The 10.000¥ CKM550 mod is worth it though. I tested it somewhat thoroughly at the latest headphone show and will pick one up next month. Review pending. Please ask any questions you have. SUI review is pending next month as well. My feelings have radically changed in favour of SUI, but it is still NOT in the same league as KAEDE. It isn't that SUI is faulty necessarily, but the notch in upper mids that suck out vocal, string, and percussion edge is enough to bunch up the image. KAEDE's clarity is legendary at least in these ears. The opinions of my colleagues alsocorroborate this view.

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I was reading these pages regarding TP here






Fujiya AVIC does not have them in stock at the moment




Do you think that anyone in Japan could pull some strings and ask e-earphone for a unit for demo/review purpose?




Besides, we could also ask Charles and see if there were any direct TP orders from Japan. Then he could hook you up with that exciting review once you have "bribed" that TP owner with Ji-biru etc. LOL

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Ji-Biru!? haha, you know the Japanese market well. Beer is horrible here except for ji-biru. But, you can never find ji-biru unless you really shop around. It's like the entire country is after you buying crap beer that has no taste... and ji-biru is expensive as it is crowded out by the big beer companies that have no taste, no image, and no idea of what beer should taste like. You have struck a chord with me, yes, but only because I LOVE beer. In Japan, however, beer is a difficult thing to love as there is no choice. If you can get around with piss-tasting beer like Asahi, Sapporo, and their ilk, you are blessed. 


Hell, if I had a TP, I'd gladly trade it for a few large cases of ji-biru. 


End of rant. 

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Shizgeo, any idea how to order the Kaede...they are 950 usd on musica acoustica, 200 over normal price...
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71,400 yen here:




Fees are 4,000 yen and then add international shipping:




I did not see any domestic retailers accepting foreign credit cards at all. In that case, 4,000 yen could be the minimum fees required unless you could ask someone in Japan to order that for you.


Heck, could we arrange something to order multiple items for members in China and Hong Kong by any chance? Not sure if 200 sets were running out soon or not.

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Count me in...
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