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Anybody remember having to do these in school? You know the drill. Pick your favorite headphone maker(s) or model name and go (preferably ones that don't consist entirely of numbers, for obvious reasons!). See if you can do it without looking anything up!


Also, it's probably better if we stick to a positive or neutral tone. For instance, I was tempted to use "grating" for Grado because it's difficult to find G-words that fit--most of them tend to be along the lines of "gentle," which doesn't fit Grado at all!


I'll begin.


B alanced

E nergetic

Y ummy (?)

E rgonomic

R esolving

D urable

Y eti-like (?!) ('cause the pads are fuzzy?)

N eutral

A iry

M usical

I mmersive

C omfy




S mooth

E motive

N atural

N on-fatiguing

H onest

E uphonic

I conic

S weet

E asy-going

R efined




G rattle (I hope not!)

R adiant

A gile

D riving

O pen



I'll stop here so I don't steal everybody else's ideas!

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