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Help: 1st pair!

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Hey all,


I'm considering buying a new pair of headphones. My girlfriend, being a sweetheart, bought me a pair of those Bose noise cancelling headphones a while back. They were the best pair I've owned to be sure (albeit not that great imo). However, they were stolen about two months after. That being said, I am wondering if there are any suggestions for a new pair. Specific models would be helpful. 


I'm looking for good isolation. I live in Chicago so a closed pair is a must or trains and horns ruin everything. I'll be using them primarily for music. Rock mostly, but I listen to other genres as well (jazz, r&b, etc). Since these will be my first pair, I'm setting the price around $300. I'm not a basshead so no crazy bass. If the midrange is a little strong, that's probably ok. I think I like it a little stronger than most anyway. Comfort is a must. I'll probably being wearing them hours at a time. Nothing super delicate. I'm generally pretty careful, but just in case...


Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

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Considering the ATH M50s. They have tons of great reviews. My concern is the comfort. I've read several reviews saying they squeeze pretty tight. Anyone know how much they squeeze? Can they be loosened/stretched? Also, does anyone know how they sound compared to the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 (what I previously owned)?

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I've owned a pair of ATH M50, they sound great slightly bass emphasised, not to over board but they really perform quite well. The problem I had with them was the earpads wouldn't fit on my ears properly and would cause a small amount of discomfort. My pair had a few hours on them and I'm not sure how tight they were new.

Very popular headphone and for good reason.

I wish someone pointed me in their direction before I passed on to better gear.
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id check out the SoundMAGIC HP100, much better than the M50 in my opinion. i was very unimpressed by the M50, just sounded wrong to me, mids sucked out, big sub-bass and quite bright highs...

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Well personally I preferred the Sony MDR V6 over ATH-M50.
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With 300 being your limit I'd dive on the MDR-1, or at least check out the thread on them


This price range offers alot of options and those that own it seem to be very satisfied with it's fairly neutral sig and comfort. 

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The SRH940, Sony MDR1, Sennheiser Momentium, Harmen Kardon BT(great detailed sounding pair and match well for these genres music and canbe use as wire or wireless), Pro900, DT1350 and V-Moda M80, M100 are great sounding pair with good isolation.

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Sennheiser Momentums. Dear God! My jaw dropped when I saw those. Freakin gorgeous! I'll probably end up getting those...even though I can't demo them first because not a single store sell them! angry_face.gif Supposedly they sound great. So......crossing my fingers! 

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