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Amp for HD650s and LCD-2s?

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I have done my research and have settled upon the Bottlehead Crack for the HD650. But once I started thinking about it, I realized I would only upgrade the HD650s to something else, something better, most likely an LCD-2 or LCD-3. And with this new mindset, I set out to find an amp that would be able to make both headphones sing. In my search, I found the new ALO Audio Pan Am, which, at $600 is just a bit more than I'd like to spend, but definitely doable. Multiple reviews, including Michael Mercer love the Pan Am with the LCD-2s and 3s, as well as the HD650. So are there any other amps out there that you guys know of that really can drive them to their full potential? I would say my absolute max budget is $700, no more. 





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I've heard nothing but great things about the Bottlehead Crack with the HD650, but I was in the same situation as you--and went with the Schitt Lyr.  The Lyr drives the HD650 beautifully and I think most people who've heard this combo agree.  I went with the Lyr specifically with a future LCD2 in mind.  Now that I have the LCD2--it pairs just as well with the Lyr.  For $450 with the GE tubes, the Lyr is tough to beat.  I'd anticipate eventually spending another $100 on tubes for the Lyr, but the stock GE's aren't bad at all.

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Thanks for the suggestion on the Lyr! What tubes are you using now?
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I have the Amperex orange globe A-frames in my Lyr and feel like it's a great tube for both the HD650 and the LCD2.2.  The Amperex is a little warmer than the stock GE tubes.  The GE tubes are a little more aggressive in the upper mids and treble, but also have a bit of graininess in the same range.  I like the overall sound signature of the GE, but find them a little fatiguing, probably because I tend to be sensitive to more energy in the upper-mids/treble.  Rolling the tubes is a tweak to the sound--the differences are fairly small.  However, a small difference can sometimes be the line between an irritant and a pleasure.

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I am wondering if LD MK III will drive LCD2. It drives HD650 rather well.

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Originally Posted by GrowthValue View Post

I am wondering if LD MK III will drive LCD2. It drives HD650 rather well.

I'm very interested in this question as well, I'm using a pair of 650's with a LittleDot Mklll and probably will buy the Lcd 2's or hi-fi 500 in the near future.
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