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Hi Lately ive been kinda wanting a new pair of headphones to replace my ATH- Anc27b's. Dont get me wrong i like my headphones i just think its time to upgrade. I have decided that i dont want anything with active noise cancelling as it can be distracting for me and i cant get the volume to the correct level without distorting the speakers. 


What i do want though is a pair of cans that i can use anywhere. I listen to a lot of music on the go and really want a pair of headphones that will accomidate that. This doesnt mean i need something super portable because if i did i would look into the in ear buds, I just need something i can drive with a cellphone and a fiio e5. 


I also would prefer them to be close backed but that isnt something completely necessary. If you can sell me on open backs i would probably buy them


The type of music i listen to is pretty mixed (country, rap, classical, r&b, hip hop, pop, techno, rock) so i need something that is going to preform well with any genera. One thing i do like though is bass. I guess you can call me a bit of a basshead (i have 2 12in subs in the back of my car to prove that) but i do want the headphones to preform well in the upper and mid range.


The final thing is that i would like to try and keep the price under $300 as i cant really justify spending any more than that. 

I have heard some people say things about the sennheiser hd 598's, and the shure srh940's but im not really sure.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated