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PICTURE OF D-E905 + D-777
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Thanks for a brief but concise review. The pictures of d777 and d-e905 looks stunning. Anyway, I hope my d-e905 will sound just as good as my d777.
By the way, I used to have the D-305 and this thing sounds amazing. It was the early 90's model...i guess. It has optical out, backlit, and metalic casing. To me, it one of the best PCDP ever made. The sound quality on this thing was amazing. The high is sparkling, while the low is exceptional punchy!!
I can understand why that u love your e888.... I love mine too...and it works so well with the D777. The 888 easily shine when equips with the 777. I also have Sony R900...and..888 sounds flat in comparison. Which player looks better to you the 905 or the D777. Is the lid of the 905 made out of carbon fiber? Thanks.
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I prefer the metalic blue color of D-E905. Both the cases of D-777 and D-E905 are made of composite fibre which is said could resist extremely high temperature. D-E905 looks sexy while D-777 decent.

By the way, you mentioned that you have a D-305. Is it a typing error? I think it should be D-303. I like its sound most.
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Try again:
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Yes, I did make a typing mistake. I have the D303 as well. To me it has the best sound quality of any pcdp or md period (belive me...I have tried more than 25 models).
The D-303 was originally given by my friend, and died on me not too long ago. If i remember it correctly, D303 has a warmness of the D777 pluses....a sparkling high of many highend cd player.
Do u still have it? How does it sound compare to the D-25S and Sony D-777 or D-E905. Please, tell me in details. Thanks.
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D-777 VS. D-303 VS. D-25

I'll try to work it out this evening.
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oh, great machines,great souds,wonderful music,i love jeff buckley
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You can't deny a sexy look and sound of D777...
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why shall i deny the sexal look of d777?i have the real d777 itself
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hey purk,

do you know when you'll receive your D-e900? 'Cause for the shipment with my player sent directly to bluetin here in singapore, there was "a slight hiccup". I'm going to inquire what exactly...

i think i was the first buyer of the e900 from bluetin but I may not be the first recipient.

which would suck ... if I were immature that is.

but basically the earliest I'm going to get the d-e900 (Great pics Netsurfer!) is this friday. (even though I was notified on monday/tuesday that it already arrived.)

I guess bluetin decided to sell all of the first shipment already, without reserving me a player. which infuriates me ... if I were puerile that is.
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hey purk,
could you give me a rundown on the features of the 303 and how it compares w/ the d25s? Does it have an optical out or antishock? What makes it superior in sound quality in your opinion?
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I asked them to ship the unit via EMS, and I expect the deliverly tomorrow sometimes. According to bluetin, my parcel was shipped directly from Japan and there were out of stock in Singapore. So I don't know what's the deal is. They did make 5 dollars refund to my account.

I don't have the D25s.....but I have the D777, and DE905 (soon), and D-555 (soon). I also have sony D-E561, and my lovely panasonic Sl-Sx651c (with wireless remote)

My D303 was given to me by my friend (it was used). D303 has a bit warmer than the D777 in sound qualit, but it also has a sparkling high. The high and midrange were outstanding. I belive netsurfer should be able to tell u the different b/w the 303 and 25s. But to me, D303 is the best sounding discman I've heard. I hope my soon-to-be-here D555 will sound better than the D303. Looking at the features of the D555...I believe...it should be able to beat the crap out of any pcdps.

D303 features:
metallic casing, backlit Lcd display (amble), recargeable battery, wired remote with Sony E-472 (one of the best earbuds ever made), toslink-optical output, DDB (dynamic bass boost, much much better than those...crappy megabass), line out, slim chassis design, AA battery compartment, and a very powerful headphone amp.

D303 lacks:
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i'm considering purchasing the d25s. i already have a d777, which i like a lot. can netsurfer or someone describe the difference in sound quality out of the headphone jack between the d25s and the d777? also, i use the d777 portably without esp and it doesn't skip much at all. does the d25s have similar skip performance as the d777 with esp turned OFF? thanks much.
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When I had the D303....it wasn't skipping as much. Roughly around the D777.

By the way, nice posting number "555"
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