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The D-E905 went up to 235 dollars!!! Man!! that's lot of money for a mere perfect cd player. Well.....I probably need to wait for next time. Man....That a very hefty amount for Sony Discman.


Anyone who get the D-E905, please, post the review. You ( the winner) make me feel very fortunate to pay a whole lot less for the D777.
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I'll have to confess, it was I that grabbed that Sony D-E905 off eBay.

I'm here to formally thank Purk for pointing it out. The price was high, but it arrived today and the pristine, like-new condition makes it a good find.

After a quick listen I must say the sound is stunning. I'll need a while to get used to the sounds' nuances, but promise to post a through review.

I've learned a lot from this forum and appreciate the contributions.
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I am glad that you find it to be stunning. Please, post a review....I really eager to hear...what it is like to have the 905? Does the player comes with optical out, and backlit headphone.
I hope you like the unit and ....man you are very lucky to have that discman!! Be proud of it!! For now, I have to love my d777 even more.


- If you want to make a comparison with my D777, you are welcome to. I will send you the D777...so all of us a headfi will know...whether the 905 is the 777 slayer...
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Purk -

I have not heard a 777 but the 905 seems to share the same casework. I may take you up on your offer to make a comparison.

In general I listen to vinyl, but also enjoy MD and CD. The Rega Planet has been my home CD player for several years. While I have heard better, and more expensive CD players, I have also heard many more that sound worse than the Planet. Whenever a friend claims they have a great CD player, be it DVD, or computer system, I try and compare it to the Planet. So far I have not heard a sub $700 player that sounded anywhere close to the Planet.

I mention this because the 905 was not shamed by the Planet. The 905 does not have digital out so I connected mini line out to RCA in on a Rega Mira amp. With most rock music the differences were small. With jazz the 905 had shortcomings, but nothing drastic. So far I find that very impressive, but I have much more listening to do.

BTW - The controller is not backlit.

Scott Aronian
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So the only different b/w the D777 are better battery life, better esp, and dual1 bit vs. one bit...huh?? Emm...I thought, the 905 will have the optical out, and backlit remote control. Well, I think it's one beautiful player!! I hope my D777 sounds as good as the 905.
Friend, don't forget to post a review then.
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I am still waiting for your awesome review of the 905. Thanks.
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I happened to had both the D-777 and D-E905 at one time. As to the sound quality, D-777's a little warmer than D-E905 when no sound effect was used. But the sound effect on D-777 is much stronger than that on D-E905. Actually the D-777 i used was a Japanese version and D-E905 an International version (which was D-E900 in Japan). It is said that DBB of Japanese Version is a little stronger than MEGASS BASS of International Version on D-777. The earphone i used was MDR-E888.

In my point of view, D-777 is a little better in sound than but not as good as D-E905 in antishocking.
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anyone think d777 is better than dej01(international version)?certainly,you can discuss form its advantage or weakness.
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The D777 is a whole lot better in the headphone out compared to the D-EJ01 (no contest!). I do feel that the D-EJ01 is superior in line out. However, I do feel the headphone out of the D25 is better than anything else I've heard though.
I'm hearing a lot of good things about the D555... is it the D777 slayer?
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Well...I ordered the E900 version from Bluetin and the unit should arrive very soon. I think I will let you guys know whether...which is an ultimate PCDP.
To me....ultimate player should be.....excellent sounding through headphone amp, sufficient shock protection (otherwise, we screwed up the concept of "portable"), good battery life (12 hours or more), nice and compact. Everything else is a plus though.... I wouldn't mind having backlit remote, wireless remote, LCD with backlit, optical out, CDtext...and such.
I think I am asking for too much!!! Man...if I can put all my PCDP together...i would have one perfect working machine!!!
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Congratulations Purk

I'm still going to post my review, once it's finished. But it looks like you'll be able to add another comparison to NetSurfers comments on the D777 vs. E900/905.

I don't know if one will be preferable over the other, or just different sounding. In which case personal choice will be the deciding factor. But, after we get some opinions posted we may need to broaden the search to include some more recent models.

In an ongoing quest for the most satisfying PCDP we should add the Sony EJ1000, 955, 855, E01 and perhaps some of the new Panasonic's.

Never satisfied!

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Thanks dude..
Anyway, I used to have the EJ01 and EJ925 b/f and both unit looks stunning. The headphone amplifiers for both player are the down fall though. Other functions work great....the CDtext was nice, backlit remote, and optical out were great. I just couldn't stand thier headphone out. I sold it out on ebay.
So if you looking for the best headphone out, the new player is out of the question!!!
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Purk - That's good to know. I still have to decide on adding a portable headphone amp, and if the added size is an inconvenience.

I will say that the "digital bass boost" on the 905 is not as good as it could be. The low frequencies are nicely enhanced and much better than the bloated bass on my MZ-R50. But there is a corresponding hi-frequency boost that is overdone. It acts like a cheap loudness control.

However the Grado SR-60's are an excellent match for the almost neutral headphone out.

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So do u think we will have the review soon. So that's some disappointment on the digitall bass boost then. The D777 is very nice and warm...with megabass. Well...I will let you know what I think when my E900 arrive. Should be less than a week now.
Anyway,....that's sad to know. I hope it is better than my D777...so my money didn't go to waste.
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I had once owned D-EJ01, D-E905, D-777, D-303, D-35, D-25S AND PBD-V30 (SONY's DVD Discman), as to the sound quality from headphone jack, i think the order should be D-303 = D-25S > D-35 > D-777 >= D-E905 > PBD-V30 > D-EJ01 (using MDR-E888 for the comparison. Don't laugh at me, up to now, my best earphone is MDR-E888 though i am planning to buy a pair of ATH-W100). But you know, only D-777, D-E905 and D-EJ01 have the antishock function and in this regard the order should be D-EJ01 >> D-E905 > D-777.

I never had a chance to hear the D-555 which is maybe the most expensive model of Sony Discmans that were made in 1989. It is said that this one had the best sound quality.

Take all the elements into consideration, D-E905 is the best PCDP, i think. So don't worry about your money, Purk.

By the way, D-E905 doesn't have a backlit remote control. The only differences between a D-777 and D-E905 are that: D-777 doesn't have the "sound" button on its body while D-E905 has. D-777 has a "charge" botton instead; and D-E905 is ESP2 while D-777 ESP; D-E905 has a dark metalic blue case while D-777 has a grey one.
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