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My First Quadraphonics: VPi Model 8 4 Channel

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I'm going to try and make this as much of an interesting read as possible. Here it goes...


I was at a thrift store that I shop at quite often. I wasn't even looking for headphones when I walked in. After browsing for what I was initially in there for, I drifted towards the electronics section. There was the usual suspects; 90's computer speakers, sketchy power strips and icky keyboards... But, there were 3 pairs of headphones sitting right in front of me, all fairly old. The first, an old pair of Sonys, ripped to shreds, no hope there. The second was some cheap headset thing, idk. But the third, that was the strange one...





It was intact, albeit, fairly used, and it was old. I picked it up, and messed with it a little bit, moving knobs and twisting it around, just trying to get every angle of it... and then I looked at the earpads...





They were sideways! And then, upon closer inspection, I noticed there were 2 drivers in each side of the headphones! All I cold say was wow. How did these end up here, like this? Then came the price, a whopping 4 bucks. I knew they were mine. I immediately took them home to mess around with them even more, and mess around I did.





There were 2 cables, so I got out my trusty FiiO E7 and went to work. All channels worked!.... For a minute. For some (still) unknown reason, one driver on each side crackled out of service. I could not get them to work again. But, luckily, 2 still remained working. After cleaning them up a bit, and getting some EQ power, these headphones really began to make me smile. The highs are quite muffled, but they are still present. The mids are crazy. Too much treble? An equalizer will do just the trick. After a good EQ treatment, the mids were actually very clear. Now, the bass... Surprise surprise, somewhat clear bass. Rounded like a circle, but present in every song played.





There are definitely better headphones for audio, but that's ok! They have one of the best sound signatures for Jimi Hendrix or EVH. This is rock and roll. This is the 70's bottled up in headphones. This is cool. Do you, or someone you know own some old quadraphonics? Feel free to comment down below! :)


Thanks for reading! -BiggBenn

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my first quadraphonic was an receiver.


I like the old marantz receiver an I bought an 4270 - an it was quad.


At this time I was interested in Quadraphonic an now I hear quad in my music-room.


I want to say it with Roger Waters: " is there anybody out there?"


In a few weeks I will post some pictures.

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