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Was messing around with my HTC HD2 smartphone and it really has surprised me at it's sound quality.


Now it's not stock Android i'm running, if anyones interested it's running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (PacMan HD2 v1.1) the phone originally shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 so was fun and games getting Android on there.


I bought and payed for PowerAMP and copied over a bunch of FLAC files.


Now i had been using a Maverick TubeMagic D1 Amp/DAC on my PC with Foobar, and for portable use i was using a Cowon J3, headphones i was using were Fischer FA-011's and Sennheiser IE7's (I'll leave out the HIFIMAN planars because theres no way a phone will power them)


I was pretty impressed using my FA-011's on my PC, but the phone took them to a whole other level, sound so much more detailed and bigger soundstage, made them seem muddy and congested on the PC by comparison, i don't know if it's because my PC setup is wrong or if the Maverick is just crap as a DAC/Amp.


As for the IE7's, on my Cowon J3 they sounded veiled and lacked detail, the bass was overwhelming and messing up the mids, i just thought the were a really poor IEM. Plugging them into my phone they sound like a whole other headphone, bass is more controlled while still being abundant, vocals sound alot better and not overwhelmed with the bass, detail is amazing.


Now i did tweak the treble dial for the IE7's, but only a tiny bit, seems as though treble is rolled off on these headphones as default.


What do you all think? Are my Amp/DAC and Cowon J3 really that bad? Or have i just happened on a really good setup? Would love everyones input.