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Once again, I need some advice on some headphones..

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Hello Head-Fi ^^ so this is my situation:

My brother has been looking for some quality headphones and he took a look at my V-Moda LP's and he liked them, but there is a few problems that concerned him. For one, the headphones worried him about about the comfort. Yes it's true that after a while, I get headaches and that was a no no for him. He also didn't have the money for them :l.

Maybe I could surprise him in getting some headphones ^^ so i need some advice.

This is what he wants:

Closed back, good durability, detachable cables, Under 100 dollars, easy to drive on his mp3, He listens to Electronic music so enhanced bass is a must but he isn't so much of a bass head. Oh and portability is what he prefers, something that doesn't hurt his head after long hours. I know it's difficult for something with these characteristics to have a low price.. Thanks! I appreciate everything..


P.S I also forgot to mention about how isolation is important, and to not leak as much :l..

thanks everyone!!

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Firstly I think you can probably cross 'detachable cables' off the list if that's your budget, because that's a feature found more commonly when you spend about double the money. (although right now amazon (US) has a CRAZY good deal on the AKG K240 MKII which has a detachable cable, but is anything but portable or closed back.)


One headphone that gets a fair amount of love here is the Koss ProDJ100, but I havn't heard it so I can't recommend it properly.... also the 'under $100' price band is a funny area of the market where there is A LOT of rubbish and only a few that pass all the tests or requirements, which are often subjective to the unique user (looks, portability, colour, head-band pressure). So it's not an easy price area to easily fully recommend one single model.

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I know exactly how you feel! It's so difficult to find anything that he wants with that price range. He doesn't want him or me spending too much >.< why does he have to be so dang cheap! Just messing x3
I will try for him to bump up the price range because at this point, it's impossible to find what he wants. I appreciate your suggestions though! I will look further into it ^-^
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Had a feeling you were going to say that ^^ thank you

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