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Off -topic, but Lyr 2 pairs very well with HE 500.
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Thanks guys,

i will look into all the mentionend amps.

And sorry for offtopic :o

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I just wanted to add my view of the Concero HD, which I owned for about 9 months, and just changed because I needed more inputs.


I use it in a speaker set up(Totem Forest, Jungson Hedo 200w amp), not headphones, but wanted to give some observations as they seem to differ with the last few opinions mentioned.


I now have the Yulong DA8, and have also had the Simaudio 100D, Asus Essence one muses as the last couple of dacs.


In my system, I have not found the Concero HD at all edgy or thin. If anything, it has a bit more body than the DA8(using the first filter, no filter is a different story) or the 100D. I fond the tonal balance very good. The things I note compared to my new DA8 are that is has less depth and a bit less width in the sound stage, and thicker base (a bit more/slower, less detail), and if anything, the DA8 seems to be a bit brighter, but there is a bit more body on the voices and instruments.


Again, in my system, I somewhat prefer the DA8, mainly because it is the DAC that give me the most holographic imaging in my current configuration (the room is a bit difficult).


I am not quite sure why there is such a difference between my observations and some others, could be that I am using speakers, but it is funny that I see the Concero HD as warmer than the DA8 when others see it the other way around. I like them both very much.


Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there.



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In my experience speakers are much less likely to get that harsh edgy sound, at least ive never experienced on any system that i've ever ran or sampled. Not saying it's impossible but it seems to be much harder.  I think if your system manages to give the HE-500 an edge to it, something is definitely not synergistic there.

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I want to trade my Concero HP for the Concero HD.


Or I'll sell to buy the HD.


Any one interested, please PM me.

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