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Cowon X9 album art / bitrate

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I'm still enjoying the fantastic sound quality of my Cowon X9 that I received yesterday, and have run into a few oddities:


Most of my album art doesn't show up. I tend to manually drag / drop the artwork into the album art window in iTunes rather than using the Get Artwork function in itunes, so the jpegs are actually embedded into each track. For some reason, the artwork that I get with the automated function will show up, but the ones I manually add aren't visible on my Cowon. Does anyone know how to remedy this? Is there a master file or folder that I need to rename each image file and place into?


Also, m4a files play just fine, but they all show 0kbps bitrate in the track info. Can this be corrected somehow? (mp3 files show accurate bitrate info).



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i think it is something to do with file tags. m4a files though tagged correctly, don't seem to show all the tag info on cowon players. album art has to be .jpg format i think. .png don't work. you could try putting the artwork .jpg into the folder containing the album and renaming the file to cover.jpg 

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Unfortunately, this has been a problem with all Cowon players (I own D2,D2+,S9,J3 and X7). J3 stubbornly refuses to show album art if you added manually in the MSC modem, while X7 only shows it if it's added manually or if it's already inside the album folder. And yes album art has to be of jpeg type. My experience with D2 is that is hopeless with album art and I gave up on it years ago- my kids are using it. S9 and J3 work most of the time if you transfer embeded music files in MTP mode. However, soon as you put player in MSC mode (for the firmware upgrade or similar), everything gets screwed up all over again. I run Claw's UI on S9 and Kizune's Chakra on J3 and X7. Cowon players are incredible sound devices, but crap at anything else including displaying album art all the time. However, because their sound is so incredible, they are definitely worth of any other nuisance that we have to put up with while using them. My only wish, well two actually is: Cowon to sack all but sound engineers and to finally have some buying power to afford bigger internal flash storage.

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Yeah, I'm still in disbelief nearly every day that I got such an amazing-sounding pmp for just over a hundred bucks. It's not even in the same league as an ipod.


I've gotten used to the quirks and I use mine daily with my D5000's. With BBE Viva / Headphone 1 it sounds better than my desktop setup, which says alot to me. The radio tuner is clear as a bell, which I can't even say about my 30lbs. Onkyo receiver. I just wish I could figure out how to get videos to play on the thing.

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