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For Sale:
Vintage Koss HP/1 walkman-era ultra-light on-ear headphones, Free ship!

Will Ship To: United States

I have for sale a pair of modified and re-terminated Koss HP/1 headphones. These were made in the walkman-era, where portable was synonymous with ultra-light. Koss did it right with these headphones, and the drivers sound surprisingly good for how tiny they are. Really, really tiny -- about the size of a nickel. The driver housings have been padded with a bit of a foam, which gave them a bit of a cleaner response. They have a HUGE sound stage for something so tiny. Far more than most IEMs I've ever tried, and they're about the same darn size. The frequency response is fairly neutral, with a little focus on treble shimmer. Try them out yourself -- for the price, you can't go wrong!


PM me for more details. Payment by PayPal personal/gift, or add 4%. Shipping is free in the USA. I ship worldwide, but it will be costly. Thanks!

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