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For Sale:
Stoner Acoustics UD100

Will Ship To: USA - Others negotiable

freakin sold!!!!

like a year ago, ok?  Sorry, just got the 5th request regarding status.  Post is closed, has been for most of a year.....


Here's a link for the head-fi thread


And HPA's Review / comparison:


I've had it a week, and haven't had a chance to listen to it yet EDIT - just listened to it - it sounds great, much better than a $45 dac ought to sound!....  I've decided to pre-order the Centrance HIFI-M8, and need a bit of cash flow.  I bought this on a whim, so I'm happy to let it go.  They are $53 shipped to the US, and take about 3 weeks to arrive give or take.


This one is $45.  Buyer to pay shipping via whatever USPS method they prefer as long as it includes delivery confirmation, and to pay any paypal fees incurred.


Please PM your interest.  Thank you!

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