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Noob needs your advise on BRAVO OCEAN

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Guys, I am a cheapie noobie rookie and just bought a Bravo Ocean Amp today.


 I've tried it for couple of hours, since I am a rookie, I have no idea of how to use this little blue guy to get good sound.


Here are my questions:




Do I need a DAC to connect to the Bravo Ocean? (I am cheap, I only have a sennheiser HD 558)


If I need;

1-which DAC is a good choice for the "BravoSenn558" team?(I am cheap, I do not wanna spend much on a DAC)

2-does Fiio D3 DAC works fine with my AMP and Headphone? (once again, I am cheap, love the price of D3)



If I need a DAC and the Fiio D3 works fine with my AMP and Headphone.




How should I connect the DAC and AMP with my desktop? (I am cheap, I only have on-board audio)


What kind of wire, plug, male, female, input, output, whatever, you name them, I do not know them...

yea...I am just that cheap and stupid。


So, please teach meetysmile.gif

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An DAC is not necessary.. Your Bravo accepts analog inputs only.. Any RCA analog inputs from any source can be plugged in and you can enjoy music from HD558 that is plugged into the headphone out..

DAC will be needed to get the "optimally cleaner" sounds from digital sources with more control from your part (power supply, connection modes, cables, ICs etc).. Bits of data will be processed in this DAC to be converted to analog outputs to be plugged into your Bravo..

There are dozens of cheap and good DAC to serve your needs.. Stating your budget might help..

Yes, D3 can be used..

You need to connect the digital input on the D3 from any of the digital output from you onboard sound card.. Either optical or digital coaxial only.. The analog outputs from D3 will be connected to Bravo..
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Thanks! Ice man,

I'm thinking of get the D3 first as my rookie entry device, my budget on DAC will be similiar as the bravo ocean, around 150, I guess.

So, according to my onboard sound card, which cable should I choose? I tried the 3.55mm out to bravo last night.
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with that budget, you can also get a Fiio E10, rather praised by most people although I haven't got that myself.. it plugs directly into the computer with a USB cable and gives you high res capability right up to 24bit 96khz.. you can then use a 3.5mm male to male cable to connect the Line out of E10 to Line in of Bravo, simple..


D3 works better with a higher quality source, either a discreet and good sound card or USB-to-SPDIF converter, to transmit the digital signal in the best possible form to the D3.. onboard sound is not maximising the capability of D3, despite the very low price..

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thanks again, man.


I just ordered two cables from ebay,


one is optical cable, which im gonna use it to connect my computer to the D3.


another one is a dual male to male (oh~yea~~~) RCA, connecting the D3 and Bravo.


What do you think? that will work?


btw, I saw you talked about usb-spdif, will that work better than direct optical plug?


I am still a stupid noob, thanks for your time.

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yeap, that will work..


yes, a USB-SPDIF will give you a higher quality source.. although that will give you 2 devices to do a digital to analog conversion.. and good USB-SPDIF are not cheap also..

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No no-cheap...I am cheap.
Thanks! Man, I will bother you later when I recieve my orders.
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