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Mid-fi gym headphones?

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Hey all,


I lost my TF10s coming out of the gym the other day and I want something of at LEAST similar quality to replace them.  I'm not partial to IEMs, I'm even somewhat biased against them.  I do weightlifting, so they need to stay in place but not as much as they would if I was doing aerobics or Crossfit or something like that.


I've seen the HD-25-ii recommended, but I'm looking for other ideas.  The M-100 look nice.  I don't mind over-ears at all and am willing to put up with the heat if I can get something otherwise reasonably comfortable.  IEMs are okay, but I don't want to lose another expensive set.


Also, I wear glasses.

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Interesting reading:

I am ordering a pair of those since people are comparing them with the likes of the gr07.

Otherwise I would say the philips she3580 a good throw away gym headphone. Inexpensive and you won't feel like crying if you lose them. wink.gif

The split headband on an hd25-1 would help keep it from falling off your head, it is just hard to imagine wearing headphones while lifting for me. Not to mention getting the pads sweaty and all that.

You could always try one of those sport headhpones like the MM100 bluetooth type things, but I just never have tried them. Honestly I did have a pair of MM550 once and was shocked at how decent the bluetooth actually worked in terms of sq. I was expecting to only use them wired but i did use them sometimes wireless.
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I don't want throw-aways.  I'm leaning against IEMs just because they're so easy to lose.  Reviews have me leaning toward the HD-25-1 ii, but I know there are other recommendations out there.

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I'm just going to throw this out here because it's what I use. I like the Beats Pro for the gym. The flipback ear cup is fantastic when your going for a heavy lift and are using a spotter. You can flip one of the earcups back to listen to your spotter or talk to someone without breaking the seal one your other ear. You also don't have to worry about pulling out an ear bud and wondering where it's dangling or having it pull the other one out of your ear. I wear a ballcap and depending on the excercise, I move the headband either forward or backward of the little nub on top of the hat. They even stay on using the roman chair. The only excercise they don't stay on with is decline situps.

Again, this is just an idea, but it's worked great for me.
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Beats.  Not even once.

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Originally Posted by disastermouse View Post

I don't want throw-aways.  I'm leaning against IEMs just because they're so easy to lose.  Reviews have me leaning toward the HD-25-1 ii, but I know there are other recommendations out there.

It probably really is your best bet. I have the DT1350's right now which also have the split headband. They are the only headphone I have that I can tilt my head forward or pick something up off the ground and not worry about them shifting at all. So that is a good feature for you for lifting and they are one of the best sounding on-ear headphones there are IMO. Durable too. Pads are relatively cheap.. you can always buy more if they get too sweaty I guess.
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I don't use over ears at the gym because it can get really messy really fast because of the sweat. I just mention it in case you hadn't taken this into account, though I doubt it.


I'd shoot for the HD-25-1 II. They've got a reputation for being really tough and nigh indistructible, desirable traits for workout phones because of the sweat and all-too-frequent accidental tugs. 


SQ wise, I've got the Amperiors, which are basically the same thing, and I really like how they sound so I don't think you'll be dissapointed. Good isolation, at least enough to block out the usually annoying music @ the gym. 


From what I've read, the DT-1350 are not that rugged (compared to HD25's), but have slightly better isolation and many people preffer its sound signature.


As for the fit I've also read that both are pretty secure (I can tell you first hand the amperiors sure are) but the HD25's are more forgiving if not perfectly positioned.


So it's a matter of wheter you preffer more durability or better SQ.

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Sound Quality trumps durability, but comfort with glasses trumps durability too, ever so slightly.  So:


Sound Quality



Difficult to lose (Not an IEM)

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How would M-100s work?  Too heavy?

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