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For Sale:
SOLD: Pico Dac / Amp #588 - Black - Best Offer!

Will Ship To: USA, other locations negotiable

SOLD - I think I'm gonna go for the Centrance HIFI M8.  I need to generate some funds, so this is on the block.  It is in excellent used condition.  I can't really find a scratch, but call it an 8/10 to be safe.


Comes with the cool case, the leather bag, a USB cable and charger.  Original box is gone, as are any paper pack-in items.


I will sell as follows -


I got a great deal, so I will pass the bargain along, by selling the the first offer that beats my "reserve price" hence the $1 in the posting price box.  I may be a bit selective regarding feedback and membership length, just to be sure the deal goes well.  I'm motivated to sell quickly, so don't be afraid to make an offer as long as it is a remotely fair price.


Photos soon.  Black!  Shiny!  Can't find a mark on it (ok, maybe a few hairline marks on the back, won't show in a photo - really looks good)!  Sounds wonderful!  I'll regret selling it, as I did my last one, I'm sure!


Unit has had at least one prior owner, it has been babied.


Please PM your offers and plan to include shipping and paypal on top of your offered price. Yes, I'll ship to Canada.

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