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X-Fi Titanium HD opamp rolling

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Hey all,


As of now, there isn't that much information to find about opamp rolling in the X-Fi Titanium HD, so I thought lets share our experiences or gather other information regarding opamp rolling on this great little card.


I just swapped the JRC 2114D's in the I/V stage with LM4562's today (against all advice, but I had some free samples anyway) and I do like the stock opamps better. A V-shaped frequency curve seems to be an accurate description for these opamps in this configuration. Especially the treble seems to have too much presence right now. So I guess they probably don't work as well with this card as in the Xonar STX, for which it is a popular opamp.


Also got some LME49990's lying here, which need to be soldered, some ADA4627's on the way and I'm also inclined to get myself something from the OPA series, probably a 602, 827, 627 or 2111, as these are quite expensive I'm still doubting which I should get.


Will report my other findings, please feel free to use this thread to share your own or quote other people's experiences :)


I'll dedicate the following section to some gathered opinions by others:


Originally Posted by NamelessPFG View Post

Word of warning on opamp rolling with the Titanium HD: replacing the JRCs with LME49860NAs while leaving the LME49710NAs installed results in a horribly V-shaped frequency response. Really spiked bass and treble with recessed mids. I hated it.


Other opamps may fare better, but I haven't bothered to experiment since it already sounds fine in stock configuration to me.


Originally Posted by NamelessPFG View Post

Well, I can tell you this about Titanium HD opamp rolling already:


DON'T replace the JRC opamps with LME49860NAs unless you want the mother of all V-shaped frequency responses. I hated the stupidly-recessed mids that caused and decided to return it to stock configuration.


Other opamps may turn out better, but I don't feel like experimenting any further when the card sounds fine as is.


I ordered free samples directly from National Semiconductor. They can't be fake.


The LM4562/LME49710/LME49720/LME49860 line works well in a lot of applications, just not the Titanium HD. I have no complaints with them used in the X-Fi Prelude or Forte, which probably isn't surprising since that's what they came with.


It could also be that a lot of people like ridiculous V-shaped signatures. I'm a midrangehead/vocalhead, so recessed mids is something to be avoided at all costs.



Originally Posted at Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD review @ http://guru3d.com


We installed these opamps in the current to voltage converter section; they are a high grade audio opamps and great for modding.

The 2111AMs improve the bass and warm up the overall signature of the card.  We like to test new cards using these opamps as they are one of our favorite units.  It should be understood though that they are hard to find and expensive in comparison to other modules.


We already noted this card uses LME49710 modules but they are Dip8 based versions.  For audio use the Guru3D audio Lab prefers the TO-99 metal can versions.  They are higher grade then the DIP8 and offer improved isolation and resistance to any interference that might be present.

The LME49710HA modules we installed offer a similar signature to the DIP8 versions, although we noticed the signature is more refined with these units.  The clarity and detail is amazing on this card stock and more-so with these opamps in the buffer sections.  Out of all the chips in the LM/LME family this chip is arguably the best model from a design standpoint.


Originally Posted by genclaymore View Post

After trying the 2x1115 in the buffers of my X-FI titanium hd Pci-e with the OPA602BP in the matrix M-Stage. I started to roll op-amps for the I/V's of the sound card with 2x OPA2111KP which I liking so far with the combination.  With my DT880 pro 250.  I had 2x LT1057ACN8, in the I/V's but I didn't like it with the combo.


Originally Posted by pbxcomm @ http://forums.creative.com

Hello, To help answer your question on OPAMPS... I did some OPAMP "rolling" and ended up with the OPA627's. The OPA627's were getting very good reviews and that is what compelled me to install them.

After more then 100 hours of testing, I went back to the stock OPAMPS (which objectivley sounded better) and probobly will not continue "rolling" until something comes out much better than stock.

Just an F.Y.I...


Originally Posted by genclaymore @ http://forums.guru3d.com

I giving OPA2111AM another try again but this time on a longer time frame, seem like my headphones opened up more from them being burn in more udring my usage.
It not the first time I went back to it, I used it with different headphones I had in the past. The first thing you will notice is that it tighten up the bass, but seem to improve the bass ammount. While having a big sound stage as well as it High and mids being clean. Tho depend on the headphone as well as what your using it in.


Originally Posted by genclaymore @ http://forums.guru3d.com

Decided to try out 2x LME1364's and 2x LT1028ACN8's with the OPA2111AM in my Fiio E9 to see how that combo in the sound card does. Trying it out for a bit to see how i like it. I started to do 2x LT1361's in my buffer but i remembered that one of the 1361 died soon after I used it.

I went to put back in the LME49720NAs and the LME49710NAs, turns out one of the LME 49710NA pin was bent bady, tried to straight it back, this time I wasn lucky and it broke off the chip. So i gotta ge tmore LME49710NAs. So i put a LT1028ACN8 in it place int the buffer. So I have 2x LME49720NA and 2x LT1028ACN8 on my sound card and put a OPA2107AP in my Fiio E9 again.
I forgot I had some OPA227AP's, Trying them out in the Buffers with the same LME49720NA's in the I/Vs. While using OPA2111AM in my Fiio E9. So far I like it but I need to give it more of a listen, as I went on a op-amp rolling spree early this moring. I tried the combo with the LT1364CNA8 in my Fiio E9, it was a bad idea. The highs was detailed but was Bright or shrill I just know I couldnt take it with that combo.


Originally Posted by genclaymore @ http://forums.guru3d.com


I did try other single channel opamps in the buffers with the LME 49720NAs in the I/v. But the results was the same too Bright Highs and/or too sharp Highs. The Current 2x OPA2137PA and 2x LT1363CN8 is working good but the highs are still too bright. I was hoping the OPA2111AM in my Fiio E9 would help tone it down. it did a bit.

I do have LT1028ACN8,LT1057ACN8,1057CN8,OPA2111KP,OPA228s,OP A2277, and a couple of more that I cant think off the top of my head. OPA227s which was one of the too bright combos with the LME49720NAs.

I mainly looking for a op-amp that sound similar or close enough to the LME49710NAs that I can use til they ship them to me.

Tho I am still waiting for linear to ship off the LT1022s, and a couple of others that i don't remember to me.


Originally Posted by genclaymore @ http://forums.guru3d.com

I liking these OPA228s in my X-Fi HD pcie buffers. I dont think I need those LME49710HAs any more


Originally Posted by genclaymore @ http://forums.guru3d.com

Trying out 2x LME49860NA I/Vs and 2x LT1122ACN8 Buffers in my X-Fi HD Pcie with LT1361CN8 in my Fiio E9. So far I like this combo alot. I also liked the same combo but with 2x OPA228 in the buffer and OPA2111AM IN the Fiio E9 as well.

I tried 2x LME49860NA I/Vs 2x LT1122ACN8 combo with the LT1364 in my Fiio E9, the Major Detail that was too much of hurted my ears. Or brightness.


Originally Posted by terence52 @ http://forums.vr-zone.com

Opamps arrived!
Just collected it from Element14.
Pics will come soon. Testing now with the OPA2111KP only.
Bass sure opened up. Soundstage have widened!

Treble is very harsh thou. Will test a little more and do a more throughout review when I can spare the time.

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I've only tried OPamp rolling on my Titanium HD twice. Admittingly, both attempts failed. The first attempt made the volume gain so low that even at max volume, I couldn't hear much. Must have been a rather low gain unit. The second attempt, I almost set the card on fire!


Obviously, this OPamp rolling thing isn't idiot proof and a basic how-to should be made available.

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