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For Sale or Trade: Denon AH-D7000 for sale or trade

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For Sale or Trade:
Denon AH-D7000 for sale or trade

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Mostly looking for trade unless you can meet my asking price. These have less than 50 hours use and I have the original box/accessories, even the little grey cleaning cloth that came with it and the clear plastic sleeve that protects the leather box. There is a small scuff and one very tiny ding on one earcup (as seen in pics) but they are hardly noticable and these are still absolutely beautiful (as seen in pics biggrin.gif) and in great overall condition, especially considering how little they've been used. Although Ive come to love these headphones it's time to move on and try something else. The bass on these is phenomenal but they just aren't the type of open sound I'm looking for.

I will review any offers trade or cash although I'm really only interested in other full sized headphones. I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world as long as th buyer pays shipping costs.


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 better GS1000i for your music style my friend :)

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well i dont think i see anything wrong that would bother me i dont even see the ding but i have ah-d5000 headphones and their in pristine condition with everything also i would be willing to give my ah-d5000 that are in great condition (except fact that the wire has one spot to where it is starting to curl or i guess come undone on the little tiny wire going to one of the speakers i think it is the left... but i offer those headphones that have probably 100 hours or less on them and $100 cash if that would work with you I would be so happy to have these headphones. I am really dying to get the 7000s becuz of the gloss finish but if you can point out the defects more (becuz im buying for the polished cups) then that would help me so much :D 

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well i offer $150 cash and the ah-d5000 headphones... take it or leave it :/ thanks

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Willing to trade my D5000 in perfect, immaculate condition (no dings, defects, anything) with perfect cable in the original box with Mark Lawton's Angle Pads and stock pads. Either that or the D5000 + JDS Labs o2 Amplifier (minus the Angle Pads since I'll want to use them on the D7000s).

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Has anyone received a response from this guy?  Maybe my lack of feedbac makes me a risk?  

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I have sent you a private message sir!

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