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My HE-400 just arrived. Do I need a DAC/Amp/both? - Page 2

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I second the e10. The lowest I would personally go with the these.

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Originally Posted by Scyy View Post

I second the e10. The lowest I would personally go with the these.

+1. The E10 would probably be the absolute minimum to get over that fine line from "mediocre" to "decent". 

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You should give it more time. From experience, I've found that getting a better headphone doesn't necessarily impress right away. However, it's when you've used them for a while and then go back to your old one that you really notice the difference. I think it's because you're so used to the sound of a particular headphone for so long that anything new, even if it's actually better, is jarring at first. Use the HE-400 for a couple weeks and then try the Sony's again and see if you still think they're only a little better. I wouldn't bet on it :D

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I would agree with the other posters here.


Based on what I have read about HE400S from various sources, although it has a low impedance rating, it requires an amp to drive it to it's fullest potential and to experience it's benefits.



Your question about, if the laptop's sound engine is sufficient to drive the headphones since even the 70% volume is pushing the HE400S to sound very loud:


- Here is something about Amping (And other members please feel free to correct me if I am wrong). There are two stages of Amplification. Voltage Amplification and Current Amplification.

- When you increase the volume on your laptop, the basic circuit is built only to increase(amplify) the Current Gain of the signal. During this process, lots of noise and distortions are introduced into the sound signal and so the sound quality is lost. Thus a sweet music sounds like a screaming match.

- Dedicated amplifiers have High Gain and Low Gain setting that increases the Voltage Gain. Once the voltage gain is increased, a relatively smaller increase in volume is sufficient to achieve the listening loudness of the headphones. This ensures least amount of noise being introduced while retaining the SQ to it's best at the same volume level.



Since there is a chance that Beats is intervening with the sound output, the best work around is to get 

a) an external DAC/Amp like the Fiio E17 or JDS Labs O2 + ODAC


b) a dedicated DAC and a dedicated Amp like the Schiit Magni 2 & Schiit Modi 2


I read somewhere that HE400S pairs well with the O2 + ODAC. 



However, before buying any of these I would recommend a root cause analysis:


1) Plug into a non-Beats PC to check if the beats is altering the sound too much

If sound improves, then you need a DAC and Amp


2) If available, try borrowing an amp from one of your friends and see if it improves the sound in your HP laptop

If sound improves, then you need just an Amp


3) Try using the amp on a non-Beats PC to see if there is an improvement in sound

If there is a significant improvement in SQ, then you need a DAC and an Amp


If these are not viable options and if you are in the US, you could buy the equipments from Amazon and return it in case it doesn't improve the sound. 


Hope this helps!

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Hey man i just got my HE-400I about a week ago, I have same feeling like you comparing it to my $20.00 G-Cube Luxy 500

and now still deciding if i should return it Even after i got my Micca OriGen High Resolution dac/amp.

really want to convince myself is a great headphone like everyone say it is.

Am i doing anything wrong here ? maybe setting issues ? The sound is clear but seems still to be missing something. 

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