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MAD HD SUPER II Best tubes and Phones

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After 18 months with the Mad Ear plus HD II I am aiming to try some new tubes. Below are all on Ebay at the moment.

Matched Pair Golds Label SYLVANIA 5751 Black Plates 3 Mica $170

Matched Pair GE 5751 Black Plates 3 Mica Square Getter $71

Matched Pair RCA 5751 Black Plates 3 Mica Square Getter=12AX7,ECC83 7025 $70

Some advise on the above would be appreciated.

At the moment I am using my Senns HD 650 which sound fine although I read on here that these are not the best for the MAD amp but I havent compared anything else as yet.I am also considering another pair of cans maybe the Senn.HD 800. Beyer DT 880. Grado RS 1 or maybe 1000 i.

Im not sure about Grado though as some seem to feel they are rather too much in the highs, and I may fall into this catagory, I never could get along with AKG 701 which may have a similar sound signature to Grado, which were nice and detailed, but lacked the richness and bottom end that the Senns give.

I listen to Rock mainly, older type Led Zepp. Rush Wishbone Ash, also Suzzanne Vega, Paloma Faith, Adele, Paul Simon, loads of 70S 80S. Much prefer analog on the old recordings, fronting with Inspire Eclipse TT SME M2 12 R Audio Technica 33 EV cartridge, also using Nakamichi CR7 and RX 505 cassettte decks. CD is Musical Fidelity Nu Vista.

I am in the U.K.


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My advice would be to not spend a fortune to start with if you just want to experiment with different tubes, see if you can get some nos 5751 and go from there. I've tried a few JAN (joint army/navy) in mine, with my favourite being a Raytheon with black plates and a windmill getter ...unfortunately they seem to be about as common as hens teeth these days. Just to be clear, you are talking about the version of the amp with just 2 tubes right? One 5751 and an ecc99? You could even try some of the other in production 5751s out there, I've been meaning to tryout the jj 5751 for a while now, but not yet got around to it. As to headphones, while i can't comment on the senn 650s (or any other senn for that matter) i can say that for the type of music you listed grados will sound pretty darn good, RS1s with flat pads will have a nice lower end and still rock out. Heck, you could get some sr60s and get quite a lot w hat the RS1s give if you just want to sample the flavour.
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