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Actually, the Jade was $1800. The $1500 price was a promotion when it first came out in 2008.


I've been listening to my EH-1.2B a lot lately. It's one of my favorite headphones these days, despite its ridiculous build.


The new Jade can't come out soon enough...

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I'm more appalled that the absolute minimum you can spend for an electrostatic headphone is $600. Stax should have some lower cost systems.


Since you like collecting vintage can's, their are vintage Stax stats on ebay that pop up from time to time, various SR-Lambda  models pop up now and then with the required transformer adapter for less than $450 most of the times and their sound? Sounds better than a good large 80% of mainstream and some flagship gear (assuming you're not a basshead). Their was a seller from Japan that use sell the entry level SRS-2170 kit for around $450 - 550 shipped worldwide, not sure if his still around though.


There are other alternatives other than just Stax, vintage Micro Seiki stat's (which Stax oem'd some of their stuff to) and used ESP950's go for $500 avg.

All I ever find are vintage electrets from Stax, no true electrostats.

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This petition would be worth signing if Hifiman actually doesn't cheap out this time.  If they had bad build quality when Fang help make the HE Audio Jades, and the current Hifimans have bad reports of build quality...then this is looking really bleak.

I think it's hard to be priced cheaply, built with superior materials, and sound good all at the same time without cutting their

profit margins substantially.  Maybe I'm just being negative :(



I'll root for you guys though.  

If this goes through, hopefully someone

will buy them and post impressions


He he suckers I'll just buy the rev 3Just as planned.  

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Even if they were slightly more expensive, they would sell.
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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

Even if they were slightly more expensive, they would sell.

And I would buy.

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I've shied away from Hifiman headphones because build quality is almost as high on my list as sound quality (hence my love for AT, Sennheiser and Stax phones), but I recently demo'ed a HE-500 and I found the build quality of the headphone satisfactory (if not the cable), and I would absolutely buy a Jade II at a price below 2k if the build quality was up to par, and consider it even if above 2k.

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I think "build quality" is too broad a term to describe things here.


There are two parts to it that don't really associate with each other: ruggedness and finish. Ruggedness depends on the materials used and the durability-aspect of the design, while finish is more in terms of the aesthetics, polish, and refinement in the design. Some cans have both, some have either, some have neither. Also, there is the ruggedness OF the finish, as in how durable the aesthetic features like the paintjob are to wear-and-tear.


To further complicate the matter, a headphone can be structurally rugged but still have transducers that fail because of some defect.

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I certainly wouldn't mind seeing them offered again.

Consider my name signed on the "virtual" petition we seem to have going on here.

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Originally Posted by purrin View Post


Holy crap that is flat!

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Guys, please keep the thread on-topic. Thanks.

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And will definitely purchase Jade 2.0 when available.

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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post



Improve the build quality, and you've got yourself a real winner.

This. Signed.

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Signed. Will definitively love to see it happen.

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Why is it that I'm only one here that feels this ain't going to happen anytime soon?

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