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Petition: Bring Back the HE Audio Jades

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Bring Back the HE Audio Jades!
(but with better build quality)


I actually tried to buy the Jades a while back and sadly I got this message from Head-Direct:


Dear customer,
this product is discontinued, we will refund it to you. there will be successor electrostatic headphone, pls kindly wait.

Head Direct/HiFiMAN shipping Dept.


I've heard rumors of a Jade II, but it looks like that may not proceed. Since then, I've been able to acquire a pair of used Jades. Although certain members of the STAX mafia have opined that the Jades sound like garbage, many other people who do own them or have actually heard them feel that they sound pretty darn good. This is not to say that the original Jades were perfect or did not have issues (their construction was suspect - my pair are currently being held together by screws and glue). I do feel that more choice is always better, especially for the electrostatic headphone arena: perhaps an updated model with better quality construction.


You can read David Mahler's opinion of the Jade herehttp://www.head-fi.org/t/634201/battle-of-the-flagships-50-headphones-compared#user_JADE


Here is also an except from how I subjectively experienced the STOCK Jades:


BTW, just in case you didn't know, these are electrostatic headphones.
I've heard these before at an earlier meet and liked them somewhat. These remind me of the HD800s, especially in the treble. The HD800s have always been hard to describe for me. They kind of have a split personality. Sometimes the HD800 can sound lush or laid back, but other times they can sound brittle and bright. The bass on the HE Audio Jades extends down fairly well, but it's restrained. It will hit the low notes, but it's not explosive. The HD800s hit slighter harder and just as low. By no means is the Jade bass lite, unless you are a basshead.
The HE Audio Jades have less of the HD800's split personality. They don't have that sometimes laid-back nature of the HD800. They sound more neutral, but with a tip upward, with the same brittle hardness of the HD800 (can you say 6k peak?) Like the HD800s, they have a bit of energy from 6k onward, although it doesn't sound like there any major resonance modes, it does seem hot around 8k. Maybe some mods can correct this? I have some ideas already and will experiment.
EDIT: Now that the diaphragm has had a chance to charge up for a few hours, there's moar bass and lushness. (Have 007s nearby to make sure it's not brain burn-in.)
BTW, these headphones look extremely DIY. They do extract low level information extremely well. Better than the 007mk2.5. [at least with my upstream gear]
Measurements are below. It should be noted that the dips at 5k and 7k are really peaks in disguise (yes these odd measurement artifacts happen in speaker measurements too.)



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The awesome thing about the Jades is how they respond to modifications. I only stole tried-and-true techniques used to linearize FR from 'stat speakers. The Orpheus pads which I am using help with comfort and soundstage too. [The stock Jade pads are a joke]

I promised not to post these until someone I knew was able to get his hands on them. But at this point, I don't think anyone is going to sell these anymore. The modded Jades are reminiscent of the HE90s. And there is a reason why I don't have the 009s even though I can afford them.
Hopefully, if we can generate enough buzz, HiFiMan may figure out a way to bring them back.
I would darn dare say that these modified Jades now sound sort of like an Orpheus lite, much more so than the HE60. The modded Jades have a little more bass impact than the Orpheus, but are slightly less refined, extract wee less low-level information and micro-dynamics, and don't have as much headstage depth. But the similarities are uncanny. Of course this also depends upon which version of the HE90s we are referring to. [If you don't believe me, you can ask CEETEE, Anaxilus, LFF, tehmom, and a few other people who got the chance to really hear them.]
These are the measurements after the mods:



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Or sell me an old one! My #1 target for my WEE.
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Haha. That's the problem. People who have them aren't giving them up. There are even people who own more than one pair!

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Yeah this is the genuine stuff alright.


I was blown away when i heard marv's modded pair out of the Electra. 


A little too thick in the bottom end giving a bloated feeling but that oculd be sorted out by swapping in different tubes i suppose.

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Might wanna refer to this petition at summit-fi forum too.


As well as the Hifiman Customer Service thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/629253/head-direct-hifiman-customer-service-team (although I'm not sure how much EricHD actually keeps in contact with his/her boss)



Edit: Signed ofc; a proper Hifiman stats means affordable high performance stats for everyone.

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I'd buy a pair without hesitation if they came back. Any chance we can get Fang to reconsider? Maybe send him a link to this thread?

Signed regardless.
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Originally Posted by jerg View Post

Might wanna refer to this petition at summit-fi forum too.


As well as the Hifiman Customer Service thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/629253/head-direct-hifiman-customer-service-team (although I'm not sure how much EricHD actually keeps in contact with his/her boss)


Will do. But I want to get enough people signing here first.

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Signed. Would love to see a quality headphone become available again. I heard them with the Electra and though they were great. I would love to hear them out of an LL!

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I haven't heard them, but I'd blind buy just based off these measurements. 

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I've only heard them on an inferior amp over a year ago, but I remember it being quite awesome nevertheless.  



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Another signature here!  Bring 'em on! 

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Signed.  Would like to use this with the BHSE or KGSSHV.  Sennheiser seems intent on putting out bad headphones lately, so Hifiman, you're our only hope!

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Signed. Any headphone with the potential to become the Orpheus (affordably) should be promoted.

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Improve the build quality, and you've got yourself a real winner.

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