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Maximum 2 pms/day?

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Hi folks.


I've been a 'lurker' on head-fi for a quite a while and love the community and wealth of information available but I haven't been an active member in terms of posts.  Yesterday I was communicating with a seller in the headphones for sale forum and was about to 'close' a deal with the member and all of a sudden there was no tab to reply to his last pm.  There was a message(and actually is still is) near the top of the screen that stated(states) that I've reached my maximum alottment of 2 pms/day.  I was bummed because I lost the deal :p.  I also feel bad that I can't even explain or apologize for my lack of communication with the seller(I tried posting a general comment below his ad that I hope he sees/saw).  I've been looking through FAQ's etc and poking around the site to see whether there was some sort of premium membership that I need to have or whether maybe I need a minimum number of posts(which seems a little unfair as I'm more of a listener/reader than active poster type).  Anyway, Ive had trouble finding any info.  and even though it's a day later I'm still unable to pm anyone.  Anyway, I certainly feel like the site could be improved in terms of ease of finding any of this info.  Could anyone shed any light on this for me?  Perhaps a moderator?  I'm certainly willing to become a premium member if that exists as I regularly get a lot of valuable info from the site(although often I don't even log in to do so as I'm reading headphone reviews or what have you).


Thanks a lot!

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Originally Posted by elrod-tom View Post

This is an audio discussion site which happens to have a sale forum. This is not a sale site that happens to have an audio discussion forum.

It's thought that, generally speaking, members should have some history and contribute something to the discussion prior to using the sale forum. I understand that not everyone is going to like that, but another way to think about it is that when we have issues in the sale forum, it's pretty much always with a newer member. Therefore this is one way to ensure some small degree of quality control (for lack of a better way of putting it).

The PM limitations are at least to some degree a party to that philosophy (and of course to limit spam, as has already been noted).
Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

IF you are participating in the forums (and not just here to do trades, which is NOT what Head-Fi is about) then you will have no issues with PM limits.

This topic is discussed here
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Thanks a lot Draygonn!  Guess I didn't do a great job of searching the forum for info :p.  I guess I kind of thought that there would be some sort of membership FAQ or something that would detail it, but if there is it sure isn't right in your face easy to find.  I'll do some reading through the thread and hopefully it'll explain all the ins and outs for me.  I'm more of a lurker/researcher and have been using the site to learn about headphones etc so I've never really felt I had a lot of relevant experience in terms of having much to add to discussions.  I've been a member for over a year and a half.  I feel that it's a little unfair that after learning/researching etc I felt like I was ready to make a somewhat informed purchase decision and the door gets 'slammed shut' on me for lack of 'posts' I guess by the very people who I've been sort of 'mentoring' under :p.  At the same time I guess I understand the rule but feel like perhaps length of membership should be taken into consideration.  I would think that most people who want to use the forum just as a 'classified' wouldn't hang around as member for a long time, they'd be more likely to be 'in and out'.   Anyway, I'm hoping a moderator or someone in site admin. might pick up on this and consider my suggestion :D

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