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HD800 - Amp suggestions.

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I got my hands onto a pair of HD800 from my friend and i'm looking for an amp. I am currently using the Schiit Lyr + Bifrost combo so I am assuming that I probably wont need to change my DAC along with the amp. 

I've heard my friend's WA22 with the HD800 and it sounds absolutely stunning with all the slower music, but when it comes to things like J-rock and generally faster music, it feels like the headphones cant keep up with the music. 

I have two questions: 


1. is there a way to make the HD800 sound slightly faster and impactful?(i'm perfectly fine with the strong treble and lack of bass quantity) If there is, please suggest. 


2. If its really hard to change the signature of the HD800s  I can lay my lands on a used SPL Phonitor for quite a low price (1400$ ish) will that be worth the price or will there still be better choices?


Budget maximum 1600$

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Bumpz.,....,.and additional thoughts. How is the HD800 on the Mjolnir? Is it as good as the WA22? Or are they polar opposites that you can't compare?

I feel like the HD800 doesn't sound "Beautiful" nor does it sound really "Energetic" right now. it just sounds extremely spacial and accurate. I'm okay with it going either the Beautiful way or the Energetic way.

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