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So i did buy these. Got good deal from local music shop 210e. My serial number was UT3474-001.


After using HDJ 2000 allmost 2 years for DJ, these K267 just feels so much better,and look much better. The sound is just so so so awesome much clearer than HDJ. And i just tested play set with PA system and with earplugs so i can crank these headphones much louder and OH **** that bass is sick! I use Pioneer DJM900 mixer and halfway headphone volume without earplugs i would die ;D And the stage mode is just O_O. Headband doesnt hurt feels very good these are just perfect hope they last long if they break i will buy everytime new pair because these are perfect to me. Cant wait summer to go play festival with these!

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If these drop some in price I may pick up a pair. I love my k167 with an amp. Very clear with a great tight bass. I just wish they were more durable.
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I've had these for a week now and just realized that they are not very well balanced, e.g. the right one sounds more like open type, compared to the left one. Also when I look closely I can see difference in the black circular material around the switch for the "stage/club/studio" modes. The difference is obvious in the paint for the labels below the switch. I played some mono music and there's also difference in the sound. The serial number is 003xxxx...


Not good first time impression. Now I have to return them. Has anyone here experienced similar issues?

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