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Yes imo, as a non fatiguing DJ headphone M100 might be better. M100 sounds clean, but K267 sounds clearer.


EDIT: after more listening I would say that M100 actually has more peaks and sounds a bit glitzy.


But for portable I think I will use M100 more.

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treated them with a new 1,2m cable for portable use :o


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Originally Posted by viralcow View Post

Not sure if this is old news, but I emailed AKG support today about the hinge issue and this is the reply I got:



Can anyone verify that recently-purchased Tiesto headphones have more durable hinges?


Yes Harman did make changes to the plastic on the headband. AKG's distributor in China had confirmed that the ingredients the manufactures put into the old material was different from Harman's original "recipe". They've corrected it. This applies to K67, K167, K267 and K540, etc.


Since I'm living in the states I emailed AKG's tech support in USA and they also confirmed it. 


 Hello ***,


Thank you for contacting AKG Technical Support. The material on these headphones have been improved; however, some of the older models might still be out there. If you do decide to buy some and get a defective one, you are covered under our 2 year warranty.


Thank you,



AKG/Crown Microphone Technical Customer Support

HARMAN Professional


I've wanted to buy the K267 ever since it's out but has always been held back by that freakin headband.... Guess it's time now:wink_face: 




REJOICE PEOPLE!! PROBLEM SOLVED (hopefully):beerchug: 

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