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I need IC cable recommendations

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I need a pair of rca cables to go from my DAC (Metrum Octave) to my amp (Violectric V200). I have two pair lying around but both are a bit problematic. One has a lot of bass but the mids get congested and the highs seem muted. The other has good mids and highs but is lacking in bass.


I should add that with my previous amp (Corda Jazz), I couldn't really tell the difference between these cables but it is quite dramatic with my current setup.


I'm hoping not to spend more than 200.00. Anyone have a recommendation that would still give me good bass without sacrificing clarity and detail?



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if you really hear a drastic difference between those two (brands?) cables, it maybe worthwhile to borrow some ICs from The Cable Company, and try them in your system.


at that price range the usual suspects come to mind: AQ, Kimber, Cardas, Furutech... to name just few. unfortunately, I'm not in a position to recommend anything specifically, as I did not try any of those cables.


MusicDirect has over 50% off on some AQ's cables.


read Audiogon for more information, and opinions.

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