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For Sale:
FS: HiFiMan HE-500 Whiplash Reference Hardwired Balanced Headphones

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I purchased these from our good friend warp08, and they arrived just yesterday. I don't wish to sound redundant, so please refer to the original sales ad for the details. I purchased these on a whim, merely to see how they compare to my HE-6. Needless to say, second ONLY to the HE-6, these are the best damn headphones I've ever heard, and I've owned my fair share. In truth, I'm probably going to regret selling these at some point. Yes, they really do sound THAT good. However, I'm going to stick with the HE-6 for the time being, and will either re-visit the HE-500 in the near future, or might even consider a new route (HD800/LCD 2).


I'd like to make mention of two things. First off, if you're someone who simply cannot look past cosmetic flaws, please look elsewhere! These have undergone some serious mods (over $800 in mods alone, according to warp08!!! eek.gif), in order to achieve the sound they're capable of. I don't wish to waste anyone's time, so please ensure that you don't mind them NOT being in mint condition. Secondly, I removed the HiFiMan leather pads that warp08 sent these with, in hopes to switch to the HiFiMan velour pads belonging to my HE-6. However, the pads on these were glued on rather strongly, and didn't come off with ease. So I've once again re-attached the pads as they once were, only this time with double sided adhesive tape, which holds them in place very well, without any problems whatsoever. The pads will NOT come off unless one deliberately applies force and pulls on them, after which they're easily interchangeable with any other HiFiMan pads.


Included are the headphones themselves, with the hardwired aftermarket cable of course, as well as the original HiFiMan box, and the stock leather pads I received them with.


Please refer to the original sales ad for images, or PM me if you'd like further images. Thank you.

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