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For Sale:
FS: Apple First Gen iPad 64GB, GPS & AT&T 3G, Apple case, box, charger, camera connection kit, screen protector

Will Ship To: CONUS

64GB 1st Gen iPad with AT&T 3G wireless + WiFi.  It's in very good condition and works great.  Can be used with many different USB DACs via the camera connection kit (CCK).  Works great with my Pico DAC for portable or DACmini for home listening.


It's always had a screen protector on it, although the one on it now I re-used from another iPad, so there are some air bubbles.  IF I can ever find my spare protector I'll throw it in for you to apply yourself.  The included Camera Connection Kit (CCK) is scuffed up from being carried around in a pocket, but works fine.  I have both the USB CCK for using iPad with a USB DAC, keyboard, or camera cable, and also the SD card version of the CCK.  I'm including the original iPad box, charger, and Apple brand protective case.  

Having 64GB is perfect for carrying around a ton of lossless music, as well as HD movies and Apps.  This iPad with 64GB, 3G wireless, GPS and bigger screen is cheaper than a Wi-Fi only 16GB iPad mini, even though it includes $70 worth of accessories!


NOTE - Apple replaced my iPad on April 15th 2012 due to a small mysterious crack in the screen (and charged me $267 for the pleasure of fixing my $829 iPad). So this one is only 6 months old with a fresh battery, although there is no remaining warranty.

I'm asking $325 + shipping, for the whole setup.


(photos soon)