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DAC + AMP + Headphones Questions

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Greetings! I just found out about this place a few days ago and I've been lurking pretty hard since then. I've decided I want to join the high fi community, but I have to do it fairly slowly due to budget reasons.


These seem to hit my planned budget exactly, so ultimately, I think this is what I want:

DAC: JDS Labs Standalone ODAC

AMP: Little Dot MK III

Phones: HiFiMAN HE-400


I currently have a pair of Grado SR80i's right now, so I was thinking of purchasing the ODAC right away and getting the other stuff when I can afford it (months down the road). This leads me to my first question:


1. The ODAC says it will not power headphones on it's own. I'm considering getting the cMoyBB for temporary use until I can afford the nicer stuff I want. Due to it's portable nature, after I get the Little Dot MK III, I could take the cMoyBB to work and use it there... so it would still get used even after getting 'replaced'. Has anyone had any experience with the cMoyBB? Would it be worth purchasing?


I also considered the ODAC + O2 Amp... but I've only got $250 to spend right now, so it would have to wait until my next pay day... and also, I think I really want an amp with tubes. The tubes appeal to me for some reason...


And I suppose my last question would be...


2. I'm open to general feedback about my entire selection as well as other recommendations. I want a <$200 USB DAC, and <$300 Tube Amp, and <$400 phones. I listen to mostly Alt Rock (Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Tool are examples, but I even get Rap, Hip Hop, and Country on occasion).


Thanks for having me! Seems like a great community.


Edit:  Hopefully fixed returns.

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Sorry for the wall of text... I guess my returns didn't come over.
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