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For Sale:
FS: nook 16Gb Tablet, warranty, box, charger, 2 screen protectors, and Tasume case/stand

Will Ship To: CONUS

I bought the nook tablet (max RAM) November 16, 2011 on the first day out, with the 2 year extended warranty ($249 + $49).  The Tasume case was $49 and has magnets and folds up in such a way that it can stand the tablet up in landscape or portrait mode.  The screen protectors were $19.95 for a 2 pack.  


So I have almost $390 in this with accessories and tax.  I'm asking only $150 plus shipping.  This is $30 cheaper than a pre-owned nook tablet that doesn't come with screen protectors, SD card or case, and this still has over a year of extended warranty left.  It's in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically, with a screen protector installed and a spare protector still in the package.  I also have the box, charger, and the receipt from March showing the extra warranty.  I'll try to find the very first receipt as well.  I'm including a 1GB micro SD card that you can easily load a bunch of MP3 onto, and listen to music while you read. 

The screen is very sharp looking, and it's easy to read books, play angry birds, or to watch Netflix and ripped DVD's.  I like that it has a Micro SD expansion slot, and you can side-load eBooks or music to the nook's internal 16GB or to a 16GB Micro SD card (haven't tried bigger but they say they support 32GB).  It's also pretty zippy and not sluggish like my original nook from a few years back.


Note - We had this unit replaced on March 8, 2012 with the one I'm selling.  Prior to that I had it replaced last December for the same headphone jack issue (and after 30 days they use a refurbished unit like Apple does).  It seems that most if not all nook tablets may have an issue with channel imbalance that's easily fixed by simply unplugging the headphones and plugging them back in a couple of times.  The issue is there with 5 different ones that I've tried, but it seems better with this replacement than with the 1st replacement.  Replacing the unit does not make this go away, so I stopped trying since it's not a big deal to plug in and unplug a couple of times (and not needed every time).  Most used use with Sennheiser HD25-1 II, and it drives them well.  Can try with other headphones on request.

Specs are here - http://www.barnesand...n=9781400501465 including 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, and dual core processor.

And there's a "N2Acards dual boot jellybean" CyanogenMod installer on micro SD cards, so you can get the full Android experience:
Info http://www.engadget....oid-jelly-bean/
Order https://store.n2acar...ail-or-download


I prefer cash money to trades, unless I can't live without what you are offering.