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I have been trying my very hardest for quite a long time now to find an IEM that fits my personal preference. I have found a few that may, but the reviews always differ from site to site and person to person. I would just like to get other people's opinion based on what i specifically want. I would like something that is $70 max (I know, its a tough budget). Preferably balanced armature driven. I only say that because of my music preferences. The music I listen to is about everything. From classical, to screamo, dubstep and even orchestral pieces. But the absolute biggest thing for me is sound. If possible I would love something that perfectly represents what the artist wants their song to sound like. Which I know is a long shot. But I would like to get as close as possible to that. No crazy thumping bass. But I still want bass to be present. Like I said previously, something that is true to the artists intentions. As for build quality I would like something that will last me a good while, at least a year. As long as possible. (but doesn't everyone) Also something that doesn't need an amp to run. Again, my budget is $70. Sound quality is most important. Thank you very much for reading my post!

Things I'd like to mention: I am not an expert, if I am incorrect please let me know.
I've looked at the MEElectronics A151-BK's, which seem fine, I am just afraid that they don't have enough bass. and the a161's are out of my budget.