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What should I buy?

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Hello, my name is Facundo, I'm from Argentina and I've just made this account to ask about headphones.

I want to buy a new pair of headphones for around 500 pesos argentinos ( around 76 dollars)

My current ones are the in ears Philips SHE-9000 that in my opinion sounds wonderfully but lacks of the spatial sensation of circumaural ones. They are perfect for daily use on street but not for home use. I also have a Senheiser HD598 who are amazing headphonebut awesome in mids and highs but for my ears lacks a little of kicking bass) but it's of my dad's.

I will short the talking going directly to what I have seen.

The two models I've in the sight are:

Razer Orca (500 pesos)

Senheiser HD205 (445 pesos)

I saw also smaller headphones in case I want to use when going to school: The koss portapro (450 pesos) or the skullcandy agent (390 pesos) but I thought it was better to keep the Philips or this use because I was afraid of experiencing lots of sound leakage and I don't want that people around me listen what I am listening.

I listen principally to house music and 80's rock.

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Bought Razer's Orca. Thought they were bigger but i'm pretty happy with them and they are circumaural phones


Anyway, they doesn't have a chance against the HD598...

Quality of the sound is very good and balanced (mids, highs and bass) but it has nothing to do with the HD598 crisp and natural sound.

Headphone is 100% plastic (except for the slide to adjust the height, which is metallic), but it's a very good quality plastic and the pads material is like the HD598 ones.

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