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Please help a basshead out?

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Hi, because i am a basshead, i went for the jvc fx1x and hate the bass on them its bloated, muddy, not much sub bass, more mid bass. I am after low sub bass that moves your eardrums, so what do you recommend?


Also the JVC fx1x don't vibrate your eardrums, which i though it would, so i am still on the hunt for a basshead iems. So which in earphones do vibrate your ear drum or ear lobes when the low bass kicks in?

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Soul SL99s.  Im a basshead and love them, because they also have good highs. 

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The FX101 are the upgrades to the FX1X in the same price range (they're MUCH better too). The FX3X are the more expensive upgrades. If you want insane sub bass without mid bass then the Sony XB90EX seems like the phone to get these days.

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The Trubine, FX3X, Sony XB90EX, JVC FXD80 Yamaha EPH100, ATH-CKS70, Denon C710 are deep bass heavy sounding IEMs.

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