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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

The he400 is really proving to be somewhat of a diamond in the rough with regard to budget orthos. It's a shame that it didn't make your list. I suppose that it doesn't really fall in the category of a flagship. 

+1 It'd be great to see how the HE-400 stacks up with these world class headphones.

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This is awesome. Makes me want to try the AD900's even more now :c

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This is by far the best review/thread I have seen since I joined Head-fi...thanks a lot for this amazing work.

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Thanks Dave. Very well put together write up, and a very impressive collection!

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You might want to change your mention of the HD 800 pads being non user replaceable. Found out the hard way when I tugged on the outer edge one day. Tore the seam and had to order a new pair. 

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Wow. Just wow.

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Amazing. Simply amazing.

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"Awesome" is an overused term these days, but this review is awesome in its awesomeness.

And beautifully presented so that it's easy to dip into - which I will be frequently doing.

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Great write up!  A lot of helpful info!

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Well, I think there should be a new saying @ HF:


"Welcome to HPs, David Mahler. Sorry for your life !!"   wink.gif


No matter whether anyone agrees or not with any of David's findings, this is a Herculean effort.

I am in awe of the quality of layout and the amount of time, energy and dedication that this comparison must have taken.

Let alone the effort accumulating such an amazing collection of gear that allows this to happen.


Thank you so very, very much David.






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David , thanks for this review, it is awesome in its detail, size and ambition. I have never heard the Orpheus but i have spent some time with the bass heavy R10 and i could not imagine enjoying a headphone more than that , the H90 must be a revelation!
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Awesome job Dave!

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This thread is a must subscribed.
Do you plan in the future something like hifiguy video review?
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Haven't commented in months but sweet Mother of Jesus that's an incredible Round-Up.

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That KAM headphone looks suspicious amounts like this ultra cheapie OEM headphone from Superlux. Is it a rebrand?: 


MC Krypt HP-680



Superlux HD681

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