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Just a clarification, and no offense taken:
I already knew that the HE-560 isn't a flagship, and wasn't implying that It was rolleyes.gif
Go back and read what I wrote.
I wrote :
'Would be interesting to see where the newest flagships, and other TOP NEWER HEADPHONES would rank on this list'.
The Sennheiser HD600/HD650/HD700, Audeze LCD 2, Beyerdynamic DT880/DT770, or the Hifiman HE-500/HE-400 weren't flagships either, but they were a part of this shootout as well wink.gif


Just a correction, the HD600, 650 and LCD2 were all flagships in the past. The LCD2 was the top of Audeze chain and their only full production can, till the LCD3 arrived. The HD600 took over from the HD580 as the flagship model until the release of the HD650 a decade ago, then came the HD800.


The DT880 were considered by many to be the best on offer by Beyer way back, but the DT990 might be considered the flagship "by number".