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David I had a similar experience. It took me about 8 months to recover. I now only have a slight ringing when the room is quiet.

I now carry earplugs in my car. Had to use them to chaperone a dance the other day.
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I've only had a couple of real damaging experiences. The first was when I was seated directly in front of a 3-story high speaker stack at an Emerson Lake and Powell(!) concert.


The second was when I tried to adapt to the treble spike of the HE-5, HiFiMAN's first attempt at an orthodynamic headphone. Pretty sure this was worse.

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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post

Right now I have been dealing with an event out of left field, which has caused me to take a break from headphone listening for a time.


A few weeks ago, I attended a memorial day festival and it just so happens that there was a person there who brought fireworks.  Typically I have worn earplugs in places where I fear my hearing could be compromised, but on this day there was no loud music so I did not use them.  Well.....on this day, I happened to get a nasty blast to the ear which has caused some ringing in both of my ears.  As a working musician, I have dealt with occasional ringing before, but never like this.  Of course, on an emotional level I fear the worse, but I am hopeful that if I don't expose my ears to headphones/earphones/speakers for a while, that the ringing can subside.  I went to an audiologist yesterday and had my hearing tested and the audiogram showed that my hearing is above and beyond the norm (of course this was a relief).  They didn't test me past 12khz, but up to this point, my hearing was almost perfectly flat in both ears without any signs of hearing loss.  The doctor did not feel it was necessary for me to take a break from headphone listening, but what I do find is that when I listen to in-ears especially, the ringing becomes more noticeable and then I have the sudden urge to make the music louder in order to "fight" the ringing.  I don't want to do that, so I have taken it upon myself to withdraw from music listening for a time (hopefully short time).


Of course in the mean time I'm bummed out, but hopefully it will improve with time.  I would have thought it would have been much more reduced at this point.  To any who may have more experience with tinnitus than myself, I will mention here that the ringing is very very high.  I would guess somewhere in the 15-17khz range, but more than this, my ears feel a bit plugged up.


Anyway, hopefully it subsides shortly. I am hopeful:)


Whenever my tinnitus flares up (is flare even the correct term?) is seems to be somewhere between 9-10kHz.  It sucks, but I'm lucky enough that it goes away after a little while.

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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post

Anyway, hopefully it subsides shortly. I am hopeful:)
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+2 basshead.gif

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I sometimes use swim ear stuff (Carbamide Peroxide by Murine) to clean my ears and that has lessened the ringing, in my case it does not go away completely but it does help.  Mine sometimes get bad enough that I need white noise in the back ground to sleep. 

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How does one describe a soundstage in terms of height? Width (how spread apart the instruments are laterally in your head) and depth (how far away the instruments sound in your head) make sense for a stereo recording. Height on the other hand makes no sense to me.


@ DavidMahler I'm sorry to hear about the ear ringing. That doesn't sound too pleasant to go through. Ironically I saw a commercial for this product while eating dinner today: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipoflavonoid

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To the gentlepeople who know this stuff the best and as to not double-post...




...any help or feedback is appreciated.

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Thanks for the support guys!

It's been maddening as it seems to have been accompanied by hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound) especially in my left ear.  But I have some slight reassurance because my audiogram was basically perfect.  I'm just going to wait it out.  But not getting to listen to music really at all, has been maddening all its own...and with no definitive conclusion, I of course am worried. But we'll see how it goes.... In the meantime, the only way I feel I can continue with music is by sketching musicians.... so in my free time that's what I've been doing....not much of an artist thougheek.gif 


I'll still be answering questions here even though and in email

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^^ I also had the sensitivity of sound. I took several weeks off from hp's and when I did finally start back, it was at very soft levels and for short periods. 


At the worst of it, even people talking loudly or myself talking loudly would hurt my ears. It did finally get better, but the relief came incredibly slowly. Hang in there and don't worry too much. Bring ear plugs with you at all times. It will get better. 

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I've not yet been stricken, so I am curious - does it hurt to chew also? Or simply discomfort or something when listening to sound/music?

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Even chewing crunchy foods like chips would bother me. It was an awful condition that I wish on no one. 

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The beautiful bass of HE400
+ the soothing signature of HD650
= ?
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Perhaps, August, I'll finally be able to get right intimate with the HD650. Will throw a handful of amps at it, then extend listening sessions with the better pairings.

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The 650 is worth the quest to find the amp that you are happy with. Both the lyr and A2 worked well for me with the 650. 

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