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How awesome is this?


Makes me even happier, getting the HE-500 by Christmas, along with a cheaper speaker amp/dac :D


Yay this review :)

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Thank you, thank you!

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This is one of the greatest threads ever.


Words cannot express my gratitude.

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Probably the most professional and engaging document on headphones I've ever read.


It's not just the quality or the professionalism of the format and text, but the way you describe sound - it's logical, organised and ultimately intuitive; that's why everyone loves it - we all know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Your choice of wording to describe what we all hear, is unrivalled. 


Looking forward to future updates wink.gif

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wow.... this is just amazing, and that would probably be a severe understatementeek.gif
i have never seen such a deep and comprehensive review of high end headphones that is unbias anywhere before,
stunning review and looking forward to future updatesbiggrin.gif

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Wow...Epic.  Thanks.

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David - reviewer prolificus excellentus epictusdarthsmile.gif


I will print every single of your review out and frame it and maybe give it to my local buddy hobbyist who opens a headphone shop to be hang on his shop. guess he doesnt have to pay a royalty to you ??

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So impressed by how extremely experienced audiophile write reviews..Short, clean but accurate!!! Thank you very much .. It took me 3 hours to read..still not finish.

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That was AWESOME and thanks for sharing with us. I am going to use the picture of your collection as a wallpaper and cry myself to sleep every night...


Please review HiFiMan HE-5-LE. I rated them above HE-500 when I compared them side by side. I had my HE-5-LE with Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable though and I forgot whether the cables with HE-500

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Crazy stuff, wow

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Awesome reviews and all packed into one neat thread.

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owning or having owned about 2 dozen of these beasts, i was amazed how often i was in complete agreement with Mr. David.


wonderful document, and anyone looking to spend a few hundred on some cans needs to read this bad boy...

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What a great review! Thanks so much! I feel particularly happy that out of the 4 phones you gave an A+ to, I own 3 of them. I'll have to pick up the other soon just to finish it off. Thanks again, such a great read.

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Holy smokes,


This is really a tremendous review, as a Q701 owner I just wished that one would've been in there too :)


Wow man, just the value of all your headphones, dacs and amps together is probably several times more than the house my family and me live in... haha

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